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An Amazing Life is a Choice

By: Ellen Castro

Latinas & Leadership pic 2“An amazing life begins with you!” was my underlying theme for the inaugural UNT Latinas and Leadership class I had the privilege to teach. I wanted to share one of the most invaluable lessons I’ve learned in business and in life. Our choices define us – not our DNA, past or environment! I should be a statistic, however with faith and better choices I beat the odds and so can others.

We can either choose to live a life of accountability, excellence and service or we can choose the blame game and self-pity. We can choose to be the victors or the victims. Having played both roles, I choose victor now more often than not — we all have bad days.

A mid-term question read: “The top learnings/insights you have gained thus far from the discussions and text Spirited Leadership – awarded 2014 International Latino Best Self-Help Book are:” Perhaps one or several of their answers will provide you high-octane fuel for living an amazing life!

Character is important and needed if you want to live a values-centered life. Character is exhibited by being kind and humble.

It takes courage to weigh decisions based on my values. Asking for help is not a failure, but one will fail if they don’t ask for help.

We are creators of our own destiny. I am conscious of my actions and realize they shape who I am. There are no neutral actions. Every action either builds my credibility and self-esteem or destroys it.

You are always making an impression on someone so you have to make sure it is a good one.

Letting go of the fear of failure will help you grow. Have a positive attitude even in tough times. All moments happen for a reason and the most unlikely may be the blessing.

Problems are merely opportunities. Confidence is attractive!

It is important to live a life of passion and work from my heart to bring others up, not down. Everyone has a battle they are fighting.

Never insult yourself. We all make mistakes. I will stop being my own punching bag. We’re the only ones holding ourselves back.

Scaling back on negative, grumbling and toxic people has been life changing.

When as a leader you model credibility, compassion and make connections people will gladly follow you to the ends of the earth.

Your legacy is not about all your accomplishments or awards; it is about how you made people feel.

Knowledge is power. I will ask more questions and ask for feedback. I need to remember feedback does not equal criticizing.

You need to be bold and do what makes you happy.

Forget stigmas!

Be the first to smile, including at me in the mirror. Smile at others to make them feel important.

Fear of falling and fear of loud noises are the only legitimate fears. Any other fears, like fear of public speaking are in my head and can be conquered. Don’t get beat up by failure. Just take the learning. The sky’s the limit!

I have learned that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I am a force to be reckoned with. Being a Latina does not make me an underdog.

I’ll recognize that different perspectives bring fresh, new insights to the table.

I will give out what I want to receive: trust and respect. If you want to see a change in your life, you have to begin that change within yourself.

What 3 thoughts and actions will you start implementing today to soar to amazing heights? List 3 ways you plan to hold yourself accountable for the changes.

It always begins with you!


You can contact me at [email protected].                           Follow me on Twitter at IgnitingSpirit and

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National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium

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