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Be a Spirited Leader!

By: Ellen Castro

Everyone can be a spirited leader if they choose! Leadership is not about position and title, leadership is about how people feel around you. Do they feel like superstars or mullets? You get to choose. From my global experience as a coach and consultant, authentic leaders find favor in business and in life. Why? People naturally help and promote people they like, respect and trust!

The following is a high level recap for being a spirited leader. For more proven techniques and thought provoking questions, refer to the recent third edition of “Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust.”

One: Change your thoughts to change your world. 

Thoughts have power. Every thought counts. Be positive, constructive and solution focused – a good finder. Never, ever blame. You are far more powerful than you imagine.

What thoughts are you thinking? Are they life-enhancing and positive? Are they solution-focused? Do they make you smile and say, “Yeah for me!”?

Two: We are our choices. 

Your choices define you – not your DNA, past or environment. Every choice counts. With faith, accountability and better choices, spirited leaders live a life of authenticity, excellence and awesome-ness. Not only are they living their dreams, they help others achieve theirs!

Choose to live from the love and light of your heart! Your passion!

What new choices can you make today to live from your greatness, not your fears?

Three: Re-define failure.

There are no failures, only feedback. Everyone is your teacher. Self-correction is wonderful. Self-condemnation is overkill. There are no brownie points for suffering. Just because we make a mistake, does not mean we are a mistake – got it?!

Do you believe you are always being prepared to do greater works? Hint: You are!

 Think back to situations you thought were the end of you, and instead, they were the beginning of something wonderful. If I hadn’t had a nervous breakdown at Exxon in the 1980s after achieving external success, I would never have attended Harvard and do the work I love today. Got to laugh though, I still don’t buy Exxon gas.

 Four: Live consciously.

Everything communicates. There are no neutral actions. You are always on stage. Everything either adds to your credibility and branding or detracts.  Yep – everything!

Do people smile or grimace when you approach? When you speak do people listen or roll their eyes?

 Five: It’s all about trust.

Spirited leaders know that life is for them. The universe is friendly! They know that everything works together for good. Everyone is on their team for greatness – no exceptions!

Do you think the universe is friendly?

I know it is. I am living proof! Just call me blessed. I promise by being a spirited leader your life just gets better and better! Mine has and so can yours. You are meant to leave you own unique mark on this world. You are meant for greatness – everything else is a lie!


I believe in you! Happy to give you a boost of confidence to be all that you can be! You can reach me at [email protected],, and/or  Yes you can!

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National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium

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