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BeVisible: A space for mentorship, community, and collaboration

By: Andrea Guendelman

BeVisible_LogoIf you’re a Latina who’s looking to build a thriving social network, meet potential Latina mentors, accelerate your career, and showcase your skills and talents, BeVisible is where you need to be. BeVisible,,  is a career-focused social media platform for U.S. Latinas. A space for mentorship, community, and collaboration, BeVisible was created to help Latinas claim their spot as future owners of the United States.

Andrea y Silvia

Andrea Guendelman and Silvia Travesani

Growing up in Chile I got a first row seat to its hierarchical social structure. No matter how smart and well-educated one was, moving up through the social classes was nearly impossible. That’s why after attending Harvard Law School and achieving success as a corporate attorney, I worked to change that experience for Chileans.

Now, my co-founder, Silvia Travesani, and I are focused on helping Latinas in the U.S. find their voice and use it to become influential, to become visible. Becoming visible is the ticket to accelerating your career and that’s true whether you’re starting a business, organizing a non-profit, or running for Congress.

As my friend, Deldelp Medina observes, “If we don’t take ownership, we risk living in a society where Latinos will become a permanent underclass.” We aren’t okay with that. We’re the ones who need to be creating the conversation that will shape tomorrow and through BeVisible we’re starting to do that.

We’re giving Latinas a place to find and strengthen their voice and we’re teaching them how to increase their influence so they can make their mark.

According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates, by 2060 approximately one in every seven people in the U.S. will be a Hispanic woman. My hope is that by then Latina women will take their seat at the table loudly and proudly and right now it’s our job to pave the way for that to happen.

BV1_300Andrea Guendelman is co-founder of BeVisible                                                                   @bevisiblelatina                  ,


  • What a fabulous forum, so glad I found you. I’ve been searching to find a group of strong entrepreneurs and leaders who just happen to be Latina and women!

  • Thank you for your feedback. We look forward to bringing more inspirational stories to our platform. Stay tuned for more!

National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium

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