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Celebrating our 21st Anniversary

By: Robert E. Bard

It’s official!!! We are 21! It seems unreal that   LATINA Style Magazine has been publishing for 21 years. The years have flown by in a blur. Trying to take inventory of all the amazing Latinas that we have profiled in our pages is a daunting task. In the beginning finding them was not an easy task. Today, it seems that everything is in one way or another, a Latina issue. Marketers try to associate the Latina image with any and every product that they are trying to sell. Let’s face it, today being Latina is hot!

The real story is that to us, since 1994, being Latina has always been hot! So much has changed in our country in 20 years that it is hard to remember the beginning. Trying to get the magazine launched was no easy task. But our Founder Anna Maria Arias had committed herself to make it happen. I recall how excited we were when the cover of our prototype for the magazine was shot and then the first “magazine” was in our hands. When our first website went “live” we thought we were at the edge of technology.

So here we are, celebrating 21 years, Women’s History Month and the launch of LATINA Style Voices – a blogging platform to empower Latinas. If you have stories of your own to share, tips, or simply words of wisdom for our Latinas, please let us know by emailing us at We would love to explore ideas with you. This is where your take on any topic or issue will make a difference in our community.

On a final note, if you ever wondered if Latinas are making progress, we invite you to attend our programs held throughout the year, the LATINA Style Business Series, the LATINA Style 50 Report, the National LATINA Symposium, the LATINA Style Initiative and the LATINA Style HERO Initiative. It is a marvel to watch a ballroom full of the most accomplished Latinas in the country.

We look forward to another stellar year for Latinas all over the country and wherever Latinas are making history look for us, we will be there. I hope you had a happy National Women’s History Month.

Robert E. Bard, president and CEO, LATINA Style Inc.,

National LATINA Symposium

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