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Entrepreneur Deldelp Medina – Helping Latinas Bring their Ideas to Market

By: Andrea Guendelman

Del-PictureI recently had the pleasure of meeting Deldelp Medina, co-founder of Avion Ventures, a company that helps Latinas from all over the country bring their useful and often revolutionary ideas to market. Her passion for her culture and her business is contagious and I want more people to learn more about what she’s up to.

Avion Ventures is a San Francisco based pre-accelerator for Latinas in the mobile space. That means that if you’re a Latina and you’re already making something or you already have a platform and you want to create a mobile app, they can help you. Let me rephrase that, they WANT to help you.

Their program is eight weeks, part of that takes place in San Francisco and part of it is done from your home. You receive an education, training, mentorship and membership in a community that has already accelerated over 300 businesses, connections and opportunities.

Deldelp is passionate about this project because Latinas are starting businesses at six times the rate of any other group in the United States but they often struggle to actually get their ideas off the ground. She wants to change that.

She also believes that Latinas are the future owners of this country, yet they aren’t acting like it. “We’re not thinking about building wealth, we’re not thinking about building influence,” she says. “And if we don’t do that really quickly, we’ll have the population numbers but we won’t have the power to go beyond an economic apartheid. So, this is my way of being able to advance the ball.”

According to Deldelp, the critical part of getting your best work out in the world is knowing yourself well. The more you know yourself and the less you listen to other people’s advice that has nothing to do with what your essence is, the better off you are.

Deldelp also says you have to be willing to ask yourself the tough questions. How are you going to do your work in the world? How are you going to be in the world in a way that makes you comfortable and makes you successful? At the end of the day you are only accountable to yourself, and you need to have a certain amount of self-awareness for you to know what it is that gets in your way of you showing up as your best and brightest self. Once you know that, you can create whatever you want.

You can read the full interview here:

                                          Andrea Guendelman is co-founder of BeVisible.

3e19ccdBeVisible is committed to building a thriving social networking platform to connect Latinas and help them build their professional network, showcase their skills, and accelerate their career. In order to bring the voice of leadership to these women, Guendelman frequently interviews successful Latinas who want to share their story and be mentors to those who are just starting out in their careers. Follow her at @bevisiblelatina

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