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I GOTTA STORY: My 30 Years in TV News

book cover-smallTV Journalist and new author Minerva Pérez reveals a long, successful and sometimes up and down trajectory of her career in her memoir I GOTTA STORY: My 30 Years in TV News, Dogear Publishing 2015 released in January. Previewed in the pages of LATINA Style magazine in November, 2014 by the guest author– Minerva released her book to much anticipation and interest selling more than 300 copies in the first month of release and still selling online and in various bookstores including her website:, Barnes and Noble and

I GOTTA STORY reveals the journey of a working Latina, a pioneer, in television news both in scope and color. Ultimately a message to future TV journalists, it takes the reader on a path of fortitude, perseverance, and determination while meeting punishing barriers at every turn just from being born Latina and refusing to let go of her culture. From her beginnings in a small Texas border town market to making it to the top TV markets in the country, Minerva journals her amazing career: covering Pope John Paul II in Los Angeles, meeting Fidel Castro in Havana, interviewing Rodney King, and legendary Hollywood royalty: Charlton Heston, Marlon Brando and Gregory Peck, among many other newsmakers. The book also reveals a career of many milestones and “firsts.” Considered a pioneer, Minerva was the first Latina anchor at KTRK TV in Houston and also the first at KTLA TV in Los Angeles.

That withstanding, she also chronicles covering the not-so-prominent but equally important stories of loss, tragedy, disaster, and of the largesse of everyday people in time of need. Those, she covered with extra diligence and care.

The award-winning author and three-time Emmy nominee, also describes the privilege of covering major news stories in the trenches and even the menial quest of finding a bathroom during those harried stories that would desperately become part of the job. She also describes meeting greatness in the many interviews she did across the Southwest from Texas to Arizona to California and in the international reporting in México and Cuba. From political assassinations to the death of Tejano Music Queen, Selena to the Waco siege, Minerva covered it all and then some during her lengthy career.

I GOTTA STORY is a primer to young TV journalists about what really happens behind the scenes of news coverage. The good, the bad and the ugly. It maps out what it takes to withstand an arduous and fast-changing business and culture that throws many curves along the way. It covers the mundane, the laughter, the tears and office politics that can derail a career if attention isn’t paid.

The author hopes to engage and educate the vast number of up and coming TV reporters seeking a career in newsgathering on the air and on line. It’s a tough job that she hopes they can withstand, as she did for decades.

To learn more about I GOTTA STORY: My 30 Years in TV News go to,, and

Minerva Head shot2 Alisa-smallMinerva Pérez is an award-winning TV Journalist, Talk Show Host, Producer, Writer and now published author whose career spans decades in the trenches of gathering and presenting TV News and becoming one of the most respected Latinas on television in some of the biggest cities in the U.S. Considered a broadcast news pioneer, Pérez, broke ground becoming one of the few, if not only, Latina in various newsrooms around the country. She is the first Mexican American anchor at KTLA TV 5 in Los Angeles and the first Latina anchor of a major newscast at KTRK ABC13 in Houston, TX where she continues to reside.

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