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“It’s our company’s sport” – Will playing golf get you the corner office?

By: Azucena Maldonado

When B. Bright Koebke from CBS News 8 in San Diego learned how to play golf, she said it was the best business decision she ever made, “Golf levels the playing field.” Koebke was among a group of women business leaders featured at the “Women’s Leadership Day” presented during the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) KIA Classic Tournament in Carlsbad, CA. It was the perfect backdrop for an elite group of Southern California Business women to learn about the benefits of golf in the business world.

Panelist Jennifer Jackson, a V.P. at AT&T, was once told she should learn to play golf because “It’s our company’s sport.”  When 90 percent of the world’s fortune 500 CEO’s play golf, it’s easy to understand how golf is the international currency of business.

The good news is that the golf industry is making a concerted effort to make it easy for women to become engaged in the sport of golf. GET GOLF READY programs for women are being offered throughout the United States.  To find a program near you log on to to use


Azucena MaldonadoAzucena Maldonado is the founder and president of the Latina Golfers Association. For more information on LGA visit


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