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LATINA style Inc. Commends Mr. Terry Lundgren, President & CEO Macy’s Inc. on Removing Donald Trump’s Merchandise

July 8, 2015

Mr. Terry Lundgren
President & CEO
Macy’s Inc.

Dear Mr. Lundgren,

I imagine making the decision to remove Mr. Donald Trump’s merchandise from your stores must have been a difficult one. I am glad to see that principles won over the day. Mr. Trump’s remarks are so toxic and hurtful that I am frankly surprised that your response has not created a cascade event all over corporate America.

I don’t doubt that if Mr. Trump had lived in earlier times, his remarks would have been directed at Italian, Polish, Chinese or Irish immigrants. The fact is that the GREAT MAJORITY of immigrants bring with them qualities and skills that are so needed in our country today. They reinvigorate our labor force and their hardworking ethic is second to none. The challenges they face are so difficult to comprehend that most of our country chooses to ignore them. I would have liked for Mr. Trump to have participated in the series of Undercover Boss so he could have learned first-hand about the personnel that runs and keeps his hotels in mint condition—a great number of them of Mexican origin—are some of the most committed and hardworking people. The number of military personnel that are of Mexican origin, and have joined our Armed Forces is second to none. And many of them have given their lives in the service of our nation, even when their parents are undocumented. Demonizing a group of people in the way he has done so is one of the worse attacks on our country’s integrity that I have ever heard. That is not who we are as a people or what America stands for.

As Macy’s cardholders, both my wife and I thank you and your board of directors for your courage. The steps you took are a clear indication that principles still matter. Kudos to you and Macy’s.

Warm Regards,
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Robert E. Bard
President & CEO

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