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Salvadoran Entrepreneurs Take Control of their Future


By: Christine Bolaños

In gang-infested El Salvador it is not uncommon for a man to feel his masculinity threatened when his wife or partner works outside the home. Despite the stigma of women in a male-dominated culture, there is a group of 11 women who have taken ownership of their lives in the picturesque community of Suchitoto. They […]


As long as I’ve got my suit and tie


By: Mr. Apoorva N. Gandhi, Vice President, Multicultural Affairs, Marriott International, Inc.

Many folks in the office ask me, “Why are you always dressed up in a suit and tie? It’s business casual here.” It’s true, business casual is the policy, and frankly, Friday casual is the norm in many offices. And that’s cool — folks should dress the way they want and in whatever works for them […]


Latina Workers and Allies Mobilized to Close the Gender Pay Gap and Promote Fair Work Conditions


By: Mónica Ramirez, Director of Gender Equity and Advocacy for the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA)

Nearly 100 organizations across the U.S. are taking action today to raise awareness about the gender wage gap facing Latina workers. The most recent data reflects that Latina workers are being paid an average of 54 cents to the dollar paid to white male, non-Hispanic workers. This means that it takes Latinas 22 months to make the […]


“Life Is Like a Successful Airline Flight”


By: Jessica Rossman, Managing Director & Managing Counsel International, United Airlines

My parents always said about me: “She is definitely going to be a lawyer!”  I suspect negotiating a peace treaty with my siblings or arguing against early bedtimes set me on my judicial path.  I’m from a Peruvian-American family; when I discovered international law, I saw it as a combination of many things I love […]


Top 5 Gifts from Brookstone to Plan to Buy this Season


By: Tom Via, Chief Executive Officer and President of Brookstone Inc.

Brookstone is a leader in the development and retail of innovative products. The ideal store to check everyone off on your list. From a vast offering of kids toys, robotic technology, outdoor entertaining and massage – we can help in all aspects of one’s life. This season, we think these are the top items for […]


Redefining Conflict


By: Ellen Castro

I get to coach people and organizations globally on how to deal with conflict. Isn’t it great we teach what we most have to learn? Once upon a time I ran from conflict and confrontation. It was not worth the emotional roller coaster and possible fallout. It was easier – or at least I thought […]


Destiny of Desire: A Telenovela-Inspired Comedy Reimagined for Theater


By: José Vasquez

How imperceptive of critics to employ a hackneyed word like telenovela in reviews of her works, Karen Zacarías thought. To decimate the complexity of her plays and haphazardly homogenize the works of Latino and Latina playwrights was altogether reprehensible and worthy of correction. “Critics, when they talk about our works, sometimes use the word telenovela to […]


Personal Vision – BE YOU!


“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde Developing a vision and/or mission statement is your compass for living your life on purpose for a purpose. I wrote my first mission statement when I was 40 at a Ken Blanchard retreat. It was a one pager describing the life I wanted to live. Today, 20 […]