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By: Ellen Castro

I had the privilege to have people laughing, learning and nodding their heads at an association’s Conference. Preparing for the keynote – a referral – I had an “a-ha” moment. I had never actually spoken to the client.

Isn’t it great we are never too old to learn?  What were the current pain points for the association’s members? What could I do to make Be a Spirited Leader even more timely to alleviate their pain and making their lives easier, lighter and more effective? I picked up the phone. Eye opening! One phone call shifted my approach and increased the relevancy factor that is required today.

Are you missing the mark with your clients or employees based on a flurry of emails instead of a phone call? Rapid, never-ending change was the pain point. I began with the Chinese character for change consisting of 2 words: danger and opportunity. You get to choose how you will deal and live with change based on your outlook. Change your thoughts, change your world. I had everyone stand up and shake-off any negativity, including me.

What negativity do you need to shake-off? Passion, smiles and laughter are contagious, as are negativity and grumbling. So I had everyone say out loud while still standing, “Yes, I can!” three times. You could feel the energy in the room shift. 

Are you inspiring “Yes, you can!” or creating the walking dead? Change is truly the perfect opportunity to learn and grow. We are all works in progress. Everything is a coaching moment to become our best selves. There are no mistakes, only learnings. Mistakes are fertile ground for building courage and for gaining resiliency, insights and wisdom.

Do you believe there are no mistakes or that if you make a mistake you are the mistake? Amazing, awesome bloggers, whatever changes you are currently facing at work or in life, take heart. It is all an opportunity; even it does not feel like it. Everything is temporary. Everything happens for you. The Universe is friendly. I believe in you! Yes, you can! Sí se puede! 

“You can get busy living or get busy dying.”

 Andy’s profound words to Red in the movie, “Shawshank Redemption” 

The choice is always yours! Now is your moment of power. Live greater! 

Are you busy living or dying?


I care! Live extraordinary with Ellen, Chief Energizing Officer! Contact her today at 214-207-7718 or [email protected]. Be energized on Twitter at IgnitingSpirit and on


National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium
National LATINA Symposium

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