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    Riding into Spring: What’s New This Season
    Whether you want to drop the top on a convertible, need four-wheel-drive traction to get through the mud and slush, are ready to tackle a project that requires a pickup bed, or want to saving the planet—we have selected a few new vehicles for you to check out. We hope you’ll get out on the road soon to enjoy the ride!
    By Sue Mead

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    LATINA Style 50 Awards & Diversity Leaders Conference
    On February 4th, LATINA Style held its 18th annual LATINA Style 50 Awards Ceremony and its 13th Diversity Leaders Conference in the nation’s capital, bringing together the highest-ranking Latinas in corporate America. Check out the highlights of the day and find out ways companies are committing to a work environment where Latinas can succeed
    By Gloria Romano-Barrera

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    Sandra Lopez: Looking into the Future at Intel
    In charge with establishing industry alliances and generating business for Intel in key strategic market segments such as fashion, sports and fitness, Sandra Lopez, vice president in the New Technology Group at Intel Corporation is on a mission. Read more about her success story in this feature.
    By Christine Bolaños

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    Veronica Villalobos: Bringing Diversity into Government
    Her Latina roots have helped make Veronica Villalobos, principal deputy associate director for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Employees Services division, a successful lawyer by ingraining in her a passion for public service. Find out how she is creating a workforce inclusive of everyone in the government arena.
    By Christine Bolaños

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