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    LATINA Style Autumn Rides
    Statistics show that many women do car research and shopping online, a process that can be similar to building a home. While some bigger models deliver backseat entertainment, rivaling home theater systems, small cars can be equipped with concert-quality sound and star-wars-like technology too. Check out our selections and choose the car that’s right for you.
    By Sue Mead

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    Latinas Making their Mark in STEM fields
    Latinas in STEM prove themselves not just as competent professionals in their respective fields but as leading innovators and renowned scientists. They are making their mark in STEM fields and with pride share their stories with future generations.
    By Christine Bolaños

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    Veronica Moreno: The Woman Behind a Tortilla Empire
    When Veronica Moreno and her husband Eduardo co-founded Olé Mexican Foods in 1988, their initial mission was to provide authentic Mexican-style tortillas for their family and the growing Hispanic community in Atlanta. Today, Olé has grown to be the second-largest producer of corn and flour tortillas in the U.S., with 2014 sales exceeding $300 million. Be inspired by her success story here.
    By Christine Bolaños

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    The Art of Giving
    Latinas are not only paving the wave for success through philanthropy and education but are taking on the responsibility of giving back by engaging and serving their community. They are championing new policies and leading decisions that will impact the generations to come. Read more about them here.
    By Gloria Romano Barrera and Jose Vásquez

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