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  • 2015 Lexus RC
    Automotive: Cars Latinas Will Love
    Welcome to 2015! For the first time in history there are more women licensed to drive than men, and women also control more than $13 trillion in personal wealth today, as compared to $6.5 trillion in 1995. We’ve recently tried out a wonderful mix of vehicles and selected a group of five with very different personalities to tell you about. Check them out here. By Sue Mead

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  • b2
    STEM Opportunities Boundless for Latinas
    It's no secret that the most in-demand careers are in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). That does not look to be changing in the near or far-off future. Highlighted here are four Latinas who have a passion for science, math and technology and turned that passion into something greater than they ever could have imagined.
    By Christine Bolaños

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  • The Legendary Linda Ronstadt
    The Legendary Linda Ronstadt
    Bringing Spirit and Soul of the Hispanic Community to America, Maria Linda Ronstadt, is more than an accomplished artist. And while she no longer sings, she writes. Most recent, her best-selling memoir Simple Dreams captured the hearts of many and it will capture yours. Read more about her life in this inspiring piece. By Mark Holston

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  • 222
    Southwest In the Community
    Rebeca’s story is a journey of an immigrant’s outstanding professional success and civic commitment. Following an illustrious 20-year career as a Senior Executive in banking working in Mexico City, New York, and Latin America, this Mexico native recently decided to exchange a Managing Director position at J.P. Morgan Chase to serve as the President & CEO of the U.S.-Mexico Foundation...

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