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Little Secret Big Dreams.

By Moe Vela.

Over 20 years ago, I had the privilege and honor of meeting Anna Maria Arias. She and Robert Bard became my personal friends and I watched them grow LATINA Style into an award-winning and empowering journalistic masterpiece. Anna Maria inspired me as I heard her story and watched her bring out the best in everyone she met on her journey. I shared my story with her and now I have decided to share my story with the world. I wish Anna Maria was here so I could thank her in person with a big “abrazo” for the love she shared with me. I know she is with me in spirit and beaming with pride as my book, “Little Secret Big Dreams” is released.


“Little Secret Big Dreams” is my real-life story about my traditional upbringing in a Hispanic, Catholic home in deep south Texas as the son of a pioneer family. My story is one of perseverance and survival when everything I knew and loved was telling me that who I am was wrong. I take my readers inside my soul and on my journey as I learned to own my “little secret” and grow to love and accept myself. In “Little Secret Big Dreams”, I share the painful experiences of being the victim of bullying in my youth only to one day make a little bit of American history as the first openly gay American and the first Hispanic American to serve twice in a senior role in the White House.

I strongly believe that my story nor I are more special than anyone else’s story. I was given a gift–the gift of being exposed to first-hand experiences and people that most will never see or know. I’m not better or different, I was just given a unique perch, platform, perspective and point of view and I have chosen to share those experiences in hope that each reader is reminded that they are special and worthy of a seat at the table of life. I hope that by sharing my story that each parent is reminded to celebrate their child’s individuality and that we will all join forces to stop the evil that is bullying.


I wrote this book so that I could share a personal insight into the lives of two of our nation’s most admired and respected public servants, Al Gore and Joe Biden. These men and their families have sacrificed so much for our nation and impacted my life and the lives of millions in immeasurable ways, many of which I share in this book.

I look in the mirror each day and see a flawed human being who is making his best effort to improve and evolve. “Little Secret Big Dreams” is my humble and small effort in hope that my story might help one person live a fuller and more enriched life if they can learn from my mistakes. I share my story in hope that maybe one of my life experiences or challenges will inspire or motivate someone to shoot for the stars and follow their dreams. I wrote this book for all those who have ever felt different, who struggle with insecurities, chooses to love and be loved, believes in humanity, supports the exchange of positive energy and who is committed to the premise that we are all equal.

Moe Vela is the CEO of The Vela Group, an attorney, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. “Little Secret Big Dreams” can be purchased at You can find Moe on Facebook, Twitter @moevela and LinkedIn.

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