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About the Author

The Secret to Top Level Performance in Business and Life

By Dr. Betty Uribe.

Overview of the Book

In today’s political, economic, and social environment, Wall Street and the general media are questioning leaders’ values around the world. Headlines are affecting consumer confidence in government, traditional role models, sports figures, and corporate leaders. This continues to weaken confidence in leaders, with employees questioning employers’ integrity. This crisis of trust is seen everywhere, resulting in a lack of confidence in government, the financial sector, employers, employees, and this ultimately affects family life.

This book is based on my Dissertation study: Values-Based Leadership of Senior Leaders in Finance, the Military and Entrepreneurial Organizations (July, 2012). I expanded this study to include leaders across North America known as values-based leaders who lead with integrity. Their actions are congruent with their espoused values; they focus on the good of the whole, and make a positive impact in others. These leaders create high performing teams through discipline, determination and a common vision, and an environment where everyone feels valued, trusted and respected.

Purpose of the Book

It is my intention to instill values back into leadership around the world. Whether you lead a small group of people, a business unit, a company or a country, this book is for anyone interested in becoming a better person/leader in business and in life.

#Values highlights role model CEOs, C-Level Executives and Military Generals. The book is peppered with inspirational stories of these values-based leaders and demonstrates how they lead with high values, integrity, and achieved top results in the process.

Leaders Highlighted Throughout the Book

Below are biographical summaries of 11 of the 19 leaders highlighted throughout the book. I chose these leaders because they embody the quintessential role models for each of the topics discussed in the chapters.

A special thanks to these leaders who shared their personal and professional stories, for they inspire others to lead with higher values.


  1. Lt. General Mick Kicklighter – U.S. Army (Ret.) – Interviewed while serving at the Pentagon.
  2. Major General Julie Bentz, Ph.D. Director for Nuclear Defense Policy, Pentagon – Interviewed while serving at the White House for President Bush, Sr.
  3. Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono – U.S. Navy. – Director, Defense Health Agency
  4. Major General Angie Salinas – First Latina General, U.S. Marine Corps
  5. Lynn Carter – Interviewed while serving as President, Capital One Bank
  6. Matt Toledo, CEO of Los Angeles Business Journal
  7. Robert O. Carr – Interviewed while serving as Chairman of the Board & CEO, Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. & Author of “Through the Fires.” Nominated by President Obama to a key post in the National Infrastructure Advisory Council
  8. Robert Bard, CEO of LATINA Style Inc.
  9. Dr. Andrew Benton, CEO of Pepperdine University
  10. Harris H. Simmons, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Zions Bancorporation
  11. Maria Salinas, President & Founder, Salinas Consulting, LLC. Interviewed while serving as Chairwoman,Pro America Bank

Dr. Betty Uribe is Executive Vice President of California Bank & Trust and a sought-after dynamic bilingual, bi-cultural, international speaker, consultant, coach, and author. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnarounds, and peak performance, she has been honored consistently for her strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. For more information visit

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