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Today’s Inspired Latina.

By Jackie Camacho Ruiz.

It all started with a small inspiration. After publishing six books, I was going to gather an impactful collection of inspiring stories from 10 Latinas into a book and call it “Today’s Inspired Latina.” Before I knew it, 10 stories became 27, and Volume I was quickly followed by Volume II and now…Volume III. The books became the catalyst for so much more. Being an author has led so many Latinas to the confidence and support they needed to attain speaking engagements, secure media opportunities and even launch businesses.

The best part of spearheading the Today’s Inspired Latina series has not only been meeting scores of fascinating women or watching as the book’s appeal attracts authors nationwide. It hasn’t even been the stories themselves, although they are truly engrossing and inspiring. These brave authors share their firsthand, poignant challenges of immigrating to America and withstanding economic, emotional and educational adversity to become the strong, successful leaders they are today. Many risked it all to launch businesses, survived horrific poverty and family strife to achieve education, faced life-altering events or live with physical disabilities and claim daily happiness in work and relationships despite it all.

But something even more amazing has happened. The authors have developed a close-knit sisterhood, bound by their mutual success. It’s fun to watch these ladies meet for the first time as friends already, as “book sisters” and sharing an experience that for many has been life-changing. And in watching them, it led us to the recognition that these ladies share many special qualities. It led us to first ponder, then ask the question, “Who are these ladies who have survived adversity and share their stories to inspire us?” We found the answers by considering the beautiful gifts they bring to the world and their commitment to their fellow man. We believe today’s inspired Latina is…

…INTELLIGENT, a thoughtful innovator who introduces new thoughts and ideas to elevate the community.

…a skilled COMMUNICATOR, who is an honorable representative of the Latina community and a clear communicator of her goals and ambitions.

…VISIONARY, and always looking ahead with prophetic sensibility. She understands the potential for the future and her place in it.

…PASSIONATE, dedicated to her beliefs and a fearless risk taker, in charge of her own destiny.

…OUTREACHING, a generous benefactor, serving others in word and deed and a wise mentor to the younger generation.

…CREATIVE, always thinking differently and leaving a legacy through her daily work.

And finally, IN MOTION, always moving forward. She is self-made and self-motivated.

This image is not just reserved for authors in the book or even females from Hispanic cultures. Instead, I believe it is a noble goal for any man or woman who wants to make a difference to embody these defining characteristics. Armed with these qualities, we can all support and inspire each other, just as our authors do, regardless of what challenges life throws our way.

Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, marketing guru and national speaker. At a young age, she began reading books written by authors such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Alex Dey and many others. These teachings, combined with her natural zest for life, created the dynamic personality she is today. To learn more about Jackie visit Follow her on:
Twitter: AmazingJackie
Instagram: jackiecamachoruiz

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