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Face Everything and Rise.

By Phyllis Solis-Friederich.

“It all started with a little white bag that our family received after attending a high school college night. Inside was pure gold. Tucked away in this bag was incredible information that provided where, when and why…but not how. It sat in the corner of our living room collecting dust. As a parent, I sat frustrated with such gold and not a thought of how to use it. So, I began to research. A folder became a three-ring binder, and research evolved into a plan. Shortly after, my children’s friends began to ask if I could help them, too. College Survivor was born. The gold just needed a strategy. “How” was the missing link!”

The College Years: In 1989, I graduated from Texas A&M University owing $2,300. I was a 23-year-old single parent. I worked, went to school, volunteered, was active in extra-curricular activities, and raised my toddler son. I had to learn the scholarship, grant, and loan system on my own. I had to learn everything on my own, just like the students today. I was ready to sacrifice anything and everything to achieve my goals. I knew that the payoff would be huge. And I was right. After graduation, doors opened, and I walked right through.

Student Becomes Mentor: In 2016, I was placed in the position of mentor rather than student and determined to teach my children

my own methods. During my research, I found that not much had changed. Just the format. Technology. Parents are still parents. Students are still students. Finding scholarships without knowing how to execute a plan was overwhelming. I had to devise a system that would work for both of my college-bound children.

A Research Project. A Workshop: Before I knew it, I wrote a 150-page workbook. I conducted a small workshop, and it was
amazing. And guess what everyone’s question was? “How do I organize, execute, and follow up?” Just like me!

The Turning Point: In Fall 2017, colleagues encouraged me to publish a book. I knew there was no turning back. In December 2017, I quit my job, hired my IT guru and in 24 hours had a book cover design and logo. I called a publisher. And here we are…

Dear Latino Families: Every family has unique challenges. Remember…Tough times don’t last; tough people do! I have taught numerous families who have fear in their eyes. Afterward, they feel as if they have a plan and are filled with hope. I share my journey and strategy with you: I utilized every ounce of my corporate training, real life experiences and my years as a professional trainer and curriculum writer to develop College Survivor. Face everything and rise! Go!

Phyllis Friederich is a native South Texan currently living in Iowa, married with two college bound children. She graduated from Texas A&M as a single parent, owing only $2,300. She learned the scholarship and grant
system over 30 years ago and has spent hundreds of hours researching today’s system to assist her children. She has successfully conquered Corporate America with several Presidential Cups, applied her talents an became a successful Entrepreneur. She is active in numerous Humanitarian Efforts. The College Survivor journey began as an original project designed for the author’s children. It developed into a workshop for friends and then evolved into a book. (Photo credit: Jessica Dawdy).

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