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Veteran’s Perspective

Lessons Learned. By Jennifer Peña, MD, FACP Virtual Primary Care Physician at Oscar Health Insurance; INOVA VIP 360 Executive/Concierge Medicine Physician U.S. Army Veteran. One of my former Army Commanders told me that my transition into the civilian workforce would be easy, because I have a “profession” as a ...

Eggy’s Corner

Summer Tips from Luna. By Rosenda Somoza. If your parents are like my parents, I’m sure they want to keep you healthy and safe this summer. Here are a few things my parents always do for me. I recommend to pay extra attention during the summer months when the temperatures can get scorching hot. These […]


5. NHMA Conference Gala Award Winners, along with Dr. Judy Flores, NHMA Chairwoman , Deans of the Medical Schools in Puerto Rico and Dr
The National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA). The National Hispanic Medical Association held its annual conference on April 11-14, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia. The conference included national experts on current patient-centered care, medical education training, oral health research, ...

Las Jefas

Are You Nourishing Your Soul? By Marisa Rivera. Javier Albert and Marisa Rivera rebuilding homes in Maunabo, PR. When we talk about being healthy, we tend to talk about healthy foods, exercise, diets, body fat measurements, etc. but we often forget how important it is to feed and nourish our soul. I have found ...

About the Author

Impostor Syndrome and the Ambitious Latina. By Michelle Gomez, The Latina Career Coach. The Imposter Syndrome, that dreaded, negative internal voice that simply won’t give us a break. No matter how hard we’ve worked, or how much we’ve accomplished, the internal dialogue within our consciousness still seems to echo ...

College Beat

Carolina Hernández. October 2018. Dallas, TX.
My Journey as a Latina at SMU. By Carolina Hernández Expected graduation date: May 2021. Born in Brownsville, Texas, one of the southernmost points of the United States – Mexico border, I have always had a connection with my Mexican heritage. When I was only two years old, my parents moved from Brownsville to ...