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The Benefits of an E-Newsletter for Your Brand and Business. By Rebecca Aguilar. An email newsletter or e-newsletter is an extension of your social media. You may not think so, but it is. Today several businesses and brands are using e-newsletters for the provided benefits: Generates business leads Builds trust ...

Latina Letters From the Front!

By SMSgt Lucero Stockett, USAF. Born and raised in one of the most dangerous cities (Juarez) in Mexico, and with little to nothing, my appreciation for the land of opportunity (USA) grew when I moved to the city of El Paso, TX at the tender age of 10. Growing up with ample support of the […]

A Veteran’s Perspective

Successfully Transitioning to the Private Sector. By Francisco German, Security Manager at UPS Former U.S. Marine Upon my arrival to the United States from my native country, the Dominican Republic, my first challenge at the age of 15 was to learn and master the English language. It was evident that in order to ...

Las Jefas

Latinas In Corporate America -The Missing Link. By Marisa Rivera Corporate America is missing out if they are not focusing on one of the strongest assets they’ve got – Latinas. As consumers and as employees, Latinas are the missing link, they are a rare and untapped market that should not be ignored. Today, ...

About the Author

The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs Will Be Latina Led. By Nathalie Molina Niño, CEO of BRAVA Investments I don’t know about you, but I have never, in my entire life, read a book about launching a business that remotely reflected my experience as a woman, as a Latina and as someone who didn’t ...

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