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Las Jefas

Living Your Best Life – NOW. By Marisa Rivera. Are you living your best life? Are you living your purpose in life? Are you living in the NOW? Every new year, we set-up new goals, new places to travel, new people to meet and…many go unmet. Did 2018 come in and out in a flash? […]

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Face Everything and Rise. By Phyllis Solis-Friederich. “It all started with a little white bag that our family received after attending a high school college night. Inside was pure gold. Tucked away in this bag was incredible information that provided where, when and why…but not how. It sat in the ...

College Beat

Goals Don’t Have an Expiration Date. Since I could remember, my dream has always been to be the first in my family to attend college. Growing up in a Mexican-American barrio in Oxnard, California called “La Colonia”, our neighborhood was filled with hardworking families but also surrounded by gangs and poverty. It ...

His View

Latina C-Suite Representation. By Dr. Robert Rodriguez, President – DRR Advisors LLC. Recently myself and four Latina leaders were invited to a roundtable discussion on Latinas in corporate America. We agreed that progress was painfully slow with regards to Latina representation in C-suite positions. Corporations ...

Punto Final

The Next Generation of Latinx Leaders at the LATINA Style 50 Conference. By Carla Zanoni.Director of Audience Development, TED. The LATINA Style 50 conference marked a significant change in my professional experience.For most of my life I was told explicitly or implicitly that it was best to ...

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It seems unreal that 25 years ago in a small living room apartment in Alexandria, VA, Anna Maria Arias was hard at work getting ready to launch LATINA Style magazine. It had been an arduous task as most of the people she consulted with were advising her not to do it. “There’s no need for […]