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Sonia Manzano

Sesame’s Street : Maria. By Nilda Melissa Diaz Rodriguez. For 44 years, Sonia Manzano played the iconic Maria of Sesame Street, a groundbreaking character in its normalcy of portraying Latinos as regular people. It was the role that made a South Bronx kid a trailblazer Latina. A South Bronx Tale On her ...

Doing Business in Puerto Rico

U.S. Hispanic Leadership Puerto Rico. 2017 Destination On May 4-7, Meet Puerto Rico, a private non-profit organization that markets Puerto Rico as a meeting and convention destination, gathered several U.S. Hispanic organizations for a forum on the perspectives and future of Puerto Rico as a destination for ...

Social Media

Your Social Media Connection to the Media. By Rebecca Aguilar. Whether it is local or national news, the media needs to fill hours daily on television and radio newscasts, pages in magazines and newspapers and numerous digital news platforms. That is why reporters are always looking for new stories, sources and ...

Latina Letters From the Front!

By Jessica Trombley. Surface Sonar Technician Chief. U.S. Navy. My sister and were raised by a single mother in Inglewood, CA. My mother worked full-time, so the majority of the time we spent with our grandmother. My sister and I never knew what it was like to starve or need something because my mother worked […]

A Veteran’s Perspective

By Ed “Bert” Guerrero, LCDR, USN, (Ret.) I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1992 a few months after graduating high school and spent the next two decades of my life experiencing the world and enjoying a Navy career. I started as an Electronics Technician and ended my career as a helicopter pilot. The U.S. ...

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