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Finding Sanity Through Exercise

By Ana Cabán. We are constantly scattered in a million different directions. With decisions to make, obligations to uphold, and “to do” lists to contend with, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. No matter who we are, or where we go, our daily life can easily chip away at our mental sanity. The good ...

About the Author

Who Are You When You’re Alone?. By Jenny Torres Sanchez I spent a lot of my time as a kid alone. My sister was much older than I was and my brother much younger, so I invented imaginary games to keep myself busy. I longed for an imaginary friend and tried to create one, but […]

College Beat

Opportunity and Success. By Berlin Victoria Mendez Gonzalez. Coe College, 2017 I was raised in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. In fifth grade, I learned that the validity of a professional degree in Mexico is often not recognized globally. I realized that, in the future, if I wanted to have the option of pursuing a career ...

Executive Spotlight

The Power of Transformation. By Raquel Tamez, Chief Executive Officer. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. We’re living in a world of rapid, unprecedented change. Sure, visions of self-driving cars and human-like AI assistants are thrilling, but groundbreaking innovations like smart grocery stores ...

¡Punto Final!

SBA Empowers Latina Entrepreneurs. By SBA Administrator Linda McMahon. Born to a single mother in Argentina, Lorena Cantarovici says she grew up constantly on the verge of homelessness. She eventually launched a successful career in banking and settled in Denver – now a wife, mother of three… and an entrepreneur ...

Publisher’s Message

This year Washington, D.C. will be remembered for a lot of reasons. It is the most unsettling transition of power that I can remember. I am sure that by now most of us have made up our minds on what we should expect moving forward. But we cannot dismiss that a major change has finally […]

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