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Doing Business in Puerto Rico

U.S. Hispanic Leadership Puerto Rico.

2017 Destination

On May 4-7, Meet Puerto Rico, a private non-profit organization that markets Puerto Rico as a meeting and convention destination, gathered several U.S. Hispanic organizations for a forum on the perspectives and future of Puerto Rico as a destination for business. From Javier Rivera Aquino, Sub-Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce, to Miguel Vega, Chairman, Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association and Milton Segarra CDME, President & CEO, Meet Puerto Rico, attendees learned first-hand about the unique opportunities offered to them not only for business travel but also for leisure.

With the mission of promoting unique group and convention experiences through branding, selling and servicing efforts, resulting in economic benefits for Puerto Rico, the vision of MPR is to position Puerto Rico as one of the preferred group and convention destinations of the Americas.

Milton Segarra, CEO of Meet Puerto Rico.

Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello with executives.

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