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Eggy’s Corner

Summer Tips from Luna.

By Rosenda Somoza.

If your parents are like my parents, I’m sure they want to keep you healthy and safe this summer. Here are a few things my parents always do for me. I recommend to pay extra attention during the summer months when the temperatures can get scorching hot. These practices may seem like common sense but are often forgotten, here are some Summer tips to keep me safe.

Avoid the Heat.

If the weather is particularly hot, my parents ensure that I get plenty of shade and water. If you seem to be panting heavily, it’s best for your owners to take you to a shaded area to catch your breath. Don’t forget to buy some pet sun block, which helps protect against sunburns. My mom always applies sunblock on herself and has one especially for me to protect the parts of my body that have little to no fur. Also, please watch out for hot paths and streets when walking, our paws can burn. My mom always walks me in a shaded path or carries me if we need to cross hot paths.

Never Stay Inside an Unattended Car.

Since we can overheat easily and the inside of a car is usually a lot hotter than the outside temperature, leaving us unattended inside a car can be deadly. If your owner absolutely needs to leave you unattended in the car, they should always leave a window open. My mom never leaves me alone in a car because it is too dangerous.
If you are planning on going to the beach, lake, etc. to cool off, you should also take some precautions! Here are some safety tips my parents follow to make sure I’m safe in public areas and near water:

Be Careful Near Water.

No matter how strong of swimmers we are, you still need to be very careful in any body of water, especially if fast moving water is involved. We all know how rivers can be, the currents get strong and can sweep away even the strongest dog or human, which is why I’m not allowed in rivers. Even when the water is still, there can be some dangers such as underwater currents that can pull us down into the depths. Please always use good judgement around water and always keep an eye out.

Always Wear a Collar.

I always wear a collar with a tag regardless of where I am. It is important that I wear a collar because I may get lost and if someone finds me, that person will not mistake me for a homeless dog and can easily contact my parents! You can do the same too to keep yourself safe in all public places, including your home (I have been naughty in the past and snuck out of my front yard).

Thank you for stopping by and reading my guest column. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy Summer!