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Eggy’s Corner

Hello everybody. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eggy Bard and I am 10 years old. My 23 & Me says that I am a Bichon Maltese mix. I would like to begin to tell you about this wonderful opportunity that has been given to me by LATINA Style Magazine. This is officially the launching of my monthly column, Eggy’s Corner.

It will be my pleasure to address issues that are of particular importance to me and my guest columnists in the coming year. For example, I like to be bathed every week so I can look my very best when I have my evening walks with my parents (Lupita and Robert.) Since I have a gorgeous white coat I use a shampoo that accentuates my features.

My food is very important to me, I only eat the best. My mom puts a little fresh cooked chicken on my plate, which makes it delicious. Of course, if I don’t finish it my mom gives me a stern look and talk and I go back and clean up my plate.

I have a private and public life. After a restful night in my comfortable bed, I wake up and get ready to go to work with my parents. Upon arrival at the office, I greet my colleagues with a good morning wish and then take my usual spot in my mom’s office overlooking out the window checking who arrives. I am usually very friendly but if someone comes unannounced, I express my disappointment (barking) and usually I get in trouble for it. So, if you are wondering why I am wearing the postman outfit for Halloween it is to try to not bark at our postman anymore.

On the other hand, I love our UPS man. Go figure.

Among the things I like are: To be petted, be loved throughout the day, take my walks in the evening, have little treats here and there, chase after my toys and my sister, Wonder. She’s a handful.

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Eggy with our UPS delivery man, Oshea Squalls.

Wonder was running loose on the street and mom decided that she needed a home and adopted her. It was hard at first but now we are used to each other and even share our bed! Fridays are park day and I love running, playing and meeting other dogs, it’s so much fun. Things I do not particularly care for are getting haircuts and grooming, visiting the vet, getting my shots, my parents travelling and going to bed too late. As of late, my mom’s daughter Eileen got a new friend named Lucas and he’s always trying to step on my toes. I have to put him in his place here and there but he still is a puppy although four times my size. A dirty look and a growl is usually all it takes to calm him down, but once in a while he grabs my toys and I have to take action, not cool.

So enough about me. I am inviting some of my friends to submit a guest column so you can learn what we are up to across the country. If you would like to become part of my writing team let me know. You can email me at [email protected] and look me up at

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