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Essentials for Business Owners

Essential Tools and Apps for Business Owners.

By Ashley Guevara.

Investing your time, skills, and money toward campaigns and social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool for many companies, including small business-owners. Here are a few free apps and tools we recommend to successfully engage your target audience.


Canva is a great tool for business owners that would like to improve their social media content aesthetic. You are able to upload photos as well as find a few royalty free images, however there is also a premium version that allows access to their entire collection. Not only are there specific templates for social media platforms like Facebook, but also templates for business cards, post cards, flyers and more. This is a great online one-stop shop that will help in the creation of your business marketing needs. Once you create posts you can download these images directly to your computer in different formats that you might need. Another great feature is the ability to allow collaboration. You can create teams that can access project boards so that everyone who is allowed access has the ability to edit and download completed files when needed.


This social media tool is key towards remaining active and engaged with your audience in the digital realm. Hootsuite allows users to connect up to three social media accounts as part of their free version with a limit on scheduled posts. However, depending on your needs, you can upgrade the software to gain access to other useful features. You can schedule engaging posts for the future so that you don’t have to wait for a day or time to post specific items. Once you have scheduled posts, they will automatically post to your social media platforms seamlessly. Users can also remain engaged with audiences by viewing social media activity in one place. Access to social media analytics are tracked through the software and can also be exported from the software in clean, easy to read reports.

Constant Contact.

One of the most commonly known online software’s for email marketing is Constant Contact. Through this tool, you are able to maintain communication with your audience members who have provided an email. Through Constant Contact, users can create email marketing campaigns that can be used for e-commerce purposes as well as for weekly newsletters. Constant Contact also can be used to conduct A/B testing, which can be used to test out different versions of an email containing similar data, to determine which of the two is more effective. This email marketing tool can also do more than just email, events can also be created using the tool.

Collecting registration information, this tool can help businesses as they coordinate events both large and small-scale and can help with the dissemination of information.


Using MailChimp is another way to connect with your audiences through email. MailChimp is also widely known for the customizability and ease of use of the email marketing tool. Using this tool, business owners are able to upload contacts and use the tool for free up until their contact base reaches 2000. MailChimp also allows users not only the ability to create email campaigns and view as they would appear in different email servers, but also allow for the creation of landing pages. Landing pages are important to a business as they help potential clients and follower’s guidance as they learn about your products or services. Landing pages on MailChimp are also very customizable and can be used to collect event registrations/audience information. Analytics can also be gathered on MailChimp which can help business owners know whether their audience is opening their emails and clicking on links.