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Executive Spotlight

The Power of Transformation.

By Raquel Tamez, Chief Executive Officer.
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

We’re living in a world of rapid, unprecedented change. Sure, visions of self-driving cars and human-like AI assistants are thrilling, but groundbreaking innovations like smart grocery stores and connected homes are already here.

At some point without us noticing, the future arrived. It’s time to ask ourselves what that means for one’s personal brand and the notion of transformation.

Raquel Tamex (second from left) participates as panelist at Baker Mckenzie’s law firm on international Women’s Day.

Everyone has a story. Over my years as a leader in both the public and private sectors, I’ve come to realize that if you dig deep enough, each one of us has something to offer. A lesson, a laugh, a life changing idea – when you’re open to giving your attention to someone, you will invariably get something back.

As I move into my role as CEO of SHPE and meet incredible people with their own stories, I’m hearing a larger narrative emerge.

We are a nation of Latinas that embrace change. We are resilient and confront our setbacks with even greater determination. I, myself, draw from a rich history of parents that dared to ask for something more, and it’s what brought me to where I am today.

But make no mistake. It’s easy to look back at my path and see how one point led to another, yet at the time, some of those turning points of personal transformation actually felt like giant setbacks to me. Whether it was an unexpected career shift or unplanned transition, it wasn’t always easy to positively reframe the situation.

I’m deeply grateful for the people that continually helped me regain focus. Not only people from my inner circle, but new acquaintances and even strangers that came into my world serendipitously. Whether in big ways or small, I always made myself open to learning from the people I met.

That’s because I learned early on that being open to evolution is actually a superpower. Adaptability in the face of change will always propel you forward.

It’s that same superpower that we’re nurturing among today’s and tomorrow’s Hispanic and Latina leaders with SHPE. Through our STEM-focused programs for students and professionals, we’re readying our community for the future. STEM is far more than a career track. It’s a frame of mind. I believe these are the disciplines that will transform our community, and in turn, transform the world.

The beauty of transformation is that it comes from knowing oneself. It’s not about running away from the past or being dissatisfied with what is. It’s about self-awareness, self-discovery and realizing your potential. The more open we are to adapting and changing, the more impact we can create. When we teach our children and emerging leaders to embrace a state of flux, we’re empowering them with a critical skill set.

Remember that as Latinas, this is our heritage. We come from a long line of futurists and change agents. If you have a vision for what can be, bring your whole self to the table. Every challenge is an opportunity for something bigger and better when approached with the right mindset. Make a wholehearted effort to consciously evolve and grow into new versions of yourself.

Even if you don’t feel brave, be willing and courageous in the face of fear. Everything eventually falls into place once you bring your full energy to the challenge.
I am confident you can transform your reality. I know, beyond a doubt that you can change our community and the world. Tap into your superpower.

Raquel Tamez served as the Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel, and Senior Vice President of Legal at SourceAmerica. In her previous role, Tamez served as the Deputy General Counsel of Litigation and e-Discovery Counsel at CSC.

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