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Top 10 Cars for Latinas to Drive in 2011
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Top 10 Cars for Latinas to Drive in 2011

Looking for a convenient, affordable, and stylish car for 2011? Choose among the latest selections ranging from electric-powered, plug-in vehicles to the luxury models on our 2011 automotive guide.

By Valerie Menard


Leaving a Legacy to the Next Generation

With the growing Hispanic population it is important to develop the next generation of leaders, and current leaders are doing just that. These Latinas, who hold high-end positions in their respective organization, are willing to mentor and see their mentees successfully navigate their careers. They are making a difference by opening the doors to the future generation.

By Karina Flores-Hurley


7th Annual National LATINA Symposium, 2010

On Friday, September 9th, the 7th Annual National LATINA Symposium gathered over 250 leaders from across the country in Washington D.C. to celebrate true Latina empowerment. Enjoy the full coverage of this unique celebration which also honored Latinos and Latinas for their distinctive accomplishments in each branch of the military during the Distinguished Military Service Awards Luncheon.

By Gloria Romano and Ivette Yaez


2010 Year-end Review

Another year comes to a close with 2011 around the corner. Throughout 2010 so much happened and LATINA Style gathered stories and photos looking back at some of the most notable moments and appointments within our community. Lets welcome a new year with fresh beginnings.