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Careers in STEM
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Careers in STEM

According to the Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering, which advises Congress on policies and programs to encourage the participation of all citizens in the STEM fields, it is important to grow minority and women representation in the field due to the rapidly growing minority population and shifting demographics in the U.S. Meet Latinas in STEM careers shaping the future and opening doors for more women in this field.

By Carolina Escalera


New York Life Insurance Company Increasing the Number of Financial Professionals

New York Insurance Company Increasing the Number of Financial Professionals New York Life Insurance Company prides itself in being an insurance company that insures women succeed in their personal and professional lives. Today, the company is comprised by a workforce that is over 30 percent female, including several executive positions. Read more on the opportunities are available to women of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

By Karina Flores-Hurley


Lucky Number Five: Reduce your Risk of Heart Disease

Every year, more American women die of heart disease than any other cause of death and it takes a particularly serious toll on Hispanic women. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), more than 31 percent of all female Hispanic deaths were caused by heart disease. In addition, 31 percent of Hispanic females currently live with heart disease. Learn ways to commit to a healthy lifestyle and live longer.

By Valerie Menard


Telemundos Latina Leadership

They provide content to inform, empower, inspire, educate and to entertain the Hispanic Community in the U.S. They are directors, producers, writers, and are collectively critically important to the success of the broadcasting network of Telemundo. Read the success story of seven executives and be inspired to become a star.

By Gloria Romano