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LATINA Style Magazine Vol. 18, Num. 5

Latinas at the Forefront of Medical Research
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Latinas at the Forefront of Medical Research

Juggling a STEM career and family life may be challenging, but the Latina doctors mentioned here demonstrate how to manage it all. From director of Clinical Training Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University to researchers of neurologic disorders and breast cancer, find out how these Latinas are making their mark in this encouraging piece.

By Margie Monin Dombrowski


Entrepreneurship and Latina Business Ownership in Atlanta

Boasting a population of 432,427 people, 5.2 percent of Atlanta’s population is Hispanic. The State of Georgia is home to 9.8 million people, 9.1 percent of which are Latinos, for a total of 853,689. Read why Latina entrepreneurs and business owners are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to economic front players.

By Christine Bolaos


Marlen Esparza

Olympic Boxer, Mexican-American, Marlen Esparza believes celebrating the contributions of Hispanics is pivotal to keeping Latino pride and participation strong. At only 23-years-old, the strong-will athlete has become the first woman boxer and Olympic medalist for the U.S. Olympic Team. Learn more about this determined Latina and what she stands for in this Hispanic heritage inspiring piece.

By Christine Bolaos


Latina University Presidents: Trailblazers in Education

On campuses where there is a short history of women occupying top administrative positions, these Latinas are making a difference breaking into and influencing predominantly male occupations. Meet Dr. Mildred García, president of California State University Fullerton; Dr. Juliet V. Garcia, president of The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB); Waded Cruzado, president of Montana State University and Dr. Anna Solley of Phoenix College. They are a few of our community’s education leaders. Read about their personal philosophies and what they stand for.

By Mark Holston