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LATINA Style Magazine Vol. 19, Num. 3

Latinas Rising to the Top in High Tech
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Latinas Rising to the Top in High Tech

Thinking about a major in computer science or engineering? According to Department of Labor projections, in 2018 nine out of the ten fastest-growing professions will require a bachelor’s degree and significant science education.  Find out how Latinas in technology fields leveraged their differences to succeed and how you can do it too.

By Margie Monin Dombrowski


Time for Latinas to Take Control of Their Mental Health

As we move towards a prevention-oriented health system, mental health advocates around the country are also focusing their efforts in educating Latinos about how to seek help. Read about the efforts and ways the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacts our community.

By Karina Flores-Hurley


Environmental Sustainability Matters

From remote collaboration technology to smart grid technology, companies such as Sprint, Cisco and Verizon are committed to protecting the environment. Read ways these environmental efforts impact the company’s bottom line and how they are helping small business owners save money.

By Gloria Romano-Barrera


Lizette Salas Making History on the Green

Currently the only Mexican American pro woman golfer, Lizette Salas is one of today’s leading Latina golfers introducing golf to a whole new generation. Read how her road to the course began and what she stands for.

By Nancy De Los Santos-Reza