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LATINA Style Magazine Vol. 19, Num. 6

LATINA Style Corporate Executive of the Year, 2013
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LATINA Style Corporate Executive of the Year, 2013

Designed to highlight individual Latina achievement as well as the company that provided the senior leadership opportunity, the LATINA Style Corporate Executive of the Year Award recognizes Latinas whom have excelled in Corporate America. Find out who the Executive of the Year for 2013 is in this special feature.

By Gloria Romano-Barrera


Angela Salinas

Breaking gender barriers in the United States Marine Corps for almost four decades, Retired Major General Salinas is truly a champion for women’s advancement in the armed forces and the civilian world, especially Latinas. Read the life of a Latina pioneer whom is an inspiration to both women and men of all walks of life.

By Christine Bolaos


A Roundup of LATINA Style Car Favorites

From high standard performance to great mileage and effective safety features, here are our favorite 2013 and 2014 cars.

By Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady


The 10th Annual National LATINA Symposium

On September 5th, LATINA Style proudly honored Latinas serving in the Armed Forces at the one-of-a- kind gathering in Washington D.C., the National LATINA Symposium. Addressing the needs of Latina professionals, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and members of the Armed Services, LATINA Style proudly honored both active duty and civilian Latinas for their merit and tenacity. Find out who the special guests and awardees here.

By Gloria Romano-Barrera