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Living Your Best Life – NOW.

By Marisa Rivera.

Marisa Rivera with brother Angel Rivera in Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Are you living your best life? Are you living your purpose in life? Are you living in the NOW? Every new year, we set-up new goals, new places to travel, new people to meet and…many go unmet. Did 2018 come in and out in a flash? Were you on auto pilot? Or did you enjoy what the year brought you?

How about living YOUR BEST life NOW!

Living in the moment, with whatever the Universe brings you that day. Welcome it, live it with intention, re-boot, re-fresh and find all the good that every new day brings.

In 2018, I had many unexpected and unplanned opportunities that provided me a lifetime of satisfaction. Two of my favorite surprises were, the pilgrimage of the “Camino a Santiago de Compostela” biking from Leon, Spain with my beloved brother Angel and his brother-in-law, Jose.

Cuba at a Distance

The Camino (walk) is a spiritual journey that most people plan and train for months/years. I only had three weeks to hop on a plane to Madrid, Spain, catch a train to Leon and hop on a bike for 100 miles towards Santiago de Compostela cathedral. Although, the biking in the hilly roads of Galicia, the cold and the rain were a challenge for me, the opportunity of traveling with my brother Angel was one of the most memorable trips of my life. I did not focus on the challenges, obstacles, or how poorly prepared I was for this trip. I focused on the NOW and enjoyed every minute of it.

Two months later, I had the opportunity to visit Cuba. A very nostalgic and magical trip.I grew up in Puerto Rico with many Cubans who had left because of the revolution in the 1950-1960’s. I always longed to visit Cuba, but the opportunity had not presented itself. Once again, without much planning, there I went.

Both trips were not planned in advance but provided me the experience of a lifetime as well as moments of greatness and gratitude. By living in the present and surrendering myself to what the universe has in store for me NOW, I was able to pursue my happiness in that moment.

Many of us keep waiting for the perfect time, waiting to accumulate enough money, or have the permission to follow your dreams. Change your mindset. It is time to pursue your happiness, re-boot and re-energize by doing things NOW. Your mindset will determine your attitude and actions, and ultimately your happiness.

Marisa & Angel top mountain & cross

Stop thinking about the obstacles and waiting for the perfect time to do what it is on your bucket list and START living in the present moment. Life is not perfect. I always say that “when you have the time, you don’t have the money and when you have the money, you don’t have the time!”

Don’t fear what you most desire out of life and start your planning. Give yourself permission to invest in yourself and live the life that you want. If you wait too long, it might be too late. Be happy with your life, be happy with your career, be happy with your relationships. If you are not, it is time to shift your energy and intentions to what does. Stop making excuses and make sure to live your best life – NOW!

Marisa Rivera is president of Mpowerment Works, a motivational speaker, executive coach and leadership and empowerment consultant. [email protected].

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