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Las Jefas: Fit While Traveling

By Marisa Rivera

marisa-luggageTraveling for business or pleasure many times means a busy and hectic schedule. Planning ahead, making healthy dining choices and moving your body are the key to staying fit while traveling.

As a consultant and motivational speaker, I travel about 60-80 percent of my time. Trying to stay fit while traveling is always a challenge, but I have made it a habit to include fitness into my agenda! Exercising and eating well helps to increase stamina and sustain energy levels.

Planning Ahead

Good planning and a strong commitment to your health will help you stay healthy while traveling.

  • When packing make sure to include your workout shoes!
  • Choose hotels that are close to sites you enjoy – near water, mountains, parks, or downtown. While traveling on business you can make it an adventure to see and experience the new location while walking, jogging or hiking.
  • Keep a water bottle on hand, and refill, refill, refill!

Eat Healthy

  • Eating healthy goes hand in hand with exercising! This is always a challenge for me. If you know you will be having a big meal, exercise a few more minutes more that same day or the next day. You can also look at healthier options on the menu.
  • Make sure to have nourishing snacks and energy bars available in your purse, or briefcase at all times.
  • Airports are a magnet for easily accessible junk food! I have learned to drink fruit smoothies that fill me up rather than going for the fried and junk food. Also, bring your own food!
  • Locate the nearest grocery store where you can pick up some fresh, healthy snacks to keep in your hotel room.
  • Lower your alcohol consumption. Alcoholic beverages can cause you many extra pounds a year!

Move your Body

At my age (over 50…..) I am not looking for extraneous exercise, but enough to pump my heart and move the skeleton to keep me flexible.

  • Work out depending on when you feel your best. If working out at the end of the day is not your thing, rise and shine 30 minutes before you normally would and get it over with! If an afternoon stroll after lunch is appealing, get on those walking shoes and go!
  • Walk the airport back and forth while waiting for your next flight. You will have plenty of time to sit on the plane later!
  • Select hotels with gyms, or swimming pools. Also check for hotels that offer Yoga or spinning classes that you can take advantage of.
  • If you enjoy bike riding – rent a bike and see the city biking. Two of my favorites are biking Washington D.C. monuments and Santa Monica Blvd. all the way to Malibu, CA.

Relaxing and De-stressing Technique

  • After a long and exhausting day when you have no energy to exercise, that’s when you need to decompress the most. I usually put on my workout shoes, and walk to the hotel lobby, or outside for some fresh air. This gives me quiet time to reflect on the day’s gifts and challenges and prepare mentally for the next day.
  • Taking a shower before going to sleep can help you calm down.
  • I always travel with a small bottle of lavender oil, which I put on my wrist and eye pillow to help me feel at home and relax before calling it a day!

Have Fun

I love the sense of adventures and new sites. When I travel by car for business or pleasure, I always have my bike and Yoga mat on the back of the car. I am always ready to bike in a new city!

Making exercise a business imperative and a wellbeing gift to YOU will make you commit. Have fun and enjoy the journey – You only live once!

Marisa Rivera is president of Mpowerment Works, a motivational speaker, executive coach and leadership and empowerment consultant. [email protected]

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