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  • Latinas, Start your Engines for 2017!
    Is it time for you to look for a new auto? If so, identify your top needs and desires. Research your top picks online, read car reviews to see what the experts think, and then test drive some different vehicles for the right fit. Take a look at the four vehicles we selected; they represent the hot-again category of hatchbacks, still-simmering SUVs, and the increasingly-popular plug-in hybrid segment.
    By Sue Mead

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  • Trailblazers in STEM, Latinas Leading the Charge
    Latinas are among the fastest growing demographic in the United States. STEM, careers are among the most sought after. Meet eight Latinas who are making waves in some of the country’s and world’s leading companies, furthering the impact of Latinas in STEM, and paving the way for the next generation of innovative minds who will change the world.
    By Christine Bolaños

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  • Q&A with Christine Bastian, Vice President of Human Resources for Engineering, Cisco
    Meet Christine Bastian, Vice President of Human Resources for Engineering at Cisco. Bastian leads HR for the 28,000-person Engineering Organization, supporting Senior Vice President David Goeckeler. A visionary leader with more than 20 years of experience, Bastian provides unique insights as well as valuable advice that comes only from experience.
    By Gloria Romano-Barrera

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