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By the time you receive this magazine we should have a new President of the United States. Nothing in recent memory prepared us for the kind of contest that we have witnessed. What I hope most of all is that this was an aberration and not the new normal. Everybody seems to be trying to predict what the postelection outcome will be and yet no one is willing to bet that they got it right. A historic election no matter how you look at it.

Donald Trump Gettysburg Address
Hillary Clinton Rally in Camden County, New Jersey

2016 Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It was October 1994 when we launched LATINA Style Magazine. Twenty two years have passed since, amazing how fast time has gone. Through the years we have been able to profile amazing Latinas from all over the country and every profession that you can imagine. So many of them have been the first ones to achieve success in their chosen professions. In this issue, we bring you yet another Latina trailblazer. Alba Colón, GM’s Lead Engineer in NASCAR. Alba Colon Is one of a kind. The only woman leader of a major manufacturer’s car development program. Her amazing journey will inspire you and make you realize that you can achieve your dreams if you are willing to work hard, never give up and continue learning along the way.

You can also learn about Aracely Godinez of Boeing Company and Yamila Harris of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, trailblazers in their own right and great examples of our continuing coverage for Latinas that have chosen STEM professions. STEM careers are one of our central themes because they are the careers of the future. For young men and women graduating from colleges today it is imperative that they know where the jobs are, who is hiring and who is not and where the job market will be. You can rest assure that if you graduate with a STEM degree you can write your own ticket.

In this issue, we also highlight Latinas who have flourished at Advance Auto Parts. Josephine Robbins, Eridania Castaneda and Diana Cruz are three Latinas in influential roles at the company. Learn how they contribute to the company’s growth and why the company is committed to embracing diversity.

We are proud to also feature James Beamesderfer, a successful transitioned veteran who leads Prudential’s Veterans Initiatives, who we were honored to have as part of our Transitioning Panel at the National LATINA Symposium. Jim’s experience provides an invaluable insight on how to prepare yourself to choose the company of your future and how to make sure that you are in the environment and place where your career will blossom. You will be able to read much more about his experience and advice in our December issue when we cover the highlights of the conference.

Robert E. Bard