Latina Style Inc

Publisher’s Message

How times have changed. It was definitely a very different environment when we launched our magazine in 1993. It goes without saying that the whole world is experiencing a time of turmoil. Even here, in our own country, I never thought that our differences would ever threaten to tear us apart.

Today, our country is so angrily divided that it is hard to see how we can come together again. Even among our friends we begin to see a sense of “my way or the highway” kind of mentality. The fact is that we had an election, it did not turn out the way many wanted, but now “it is what it is.”

Carlos Soto at a LATINA Style Conference with former LS employee Ines Lucio.

We need to learn to live and succeed in this America. In two years there will be another election, and if the country really does not want the direction things have taken, they can vote for change. That does not mean that we abrogate our responsibilities to our communities, but that we find a constructive way to challenge the issues that we do not agree with and champion the issues that we want to move forward. We are going to have to learn to listen to each other without anger and try to understand each other’s points of view. We cannot continue to live in a state of permanent confrontation. We are a country of nearly 326 million people, we can’t be expected to agree on everything and with everybody, but we must remember why our country was founded and how people from all over the world have made us the wonderful nation that we are.

At LATINA Style we began our year by celebrating our LATINA Style 50 Awards and Diversity Leaders Conference. It was our most successful conference since we began in 1998. We were honored to have Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, the first Latina to serve in the U.S. Senate join us at the Welcoming Reception. You will be able to learn all about the conference and the Senator in our next issue of the magazine.

For our Latina entrepreneurs we are commencing our LATINA Style Business Series in Dallas this year followed by Charlotte, Chicago and San Diego. We are delighted to welcome back our longtime partner, Nationwide Insurance, as our returning Title Sponsor for the Series. We are looking forward to a great year.

Finally, it is with great sadness and a profound sense of loss that we learned about the passing of our friend Carlos Soto. Carlos was a gentle man with a great heart who was loved by everyone who knew him. I met Carlos over 25 years ago and throughout all this time, I never heard a single person ever say a bad thing about him. He was a consummate corporate leader, a community champion, a sponsor and mentor to so many of us. Our world is a better place because he was here. We extend to his family our deepest condolences. Carlitos, we are going to miss you.

Robert E. Bard