Latina Style Inc

Publisher’s Message

It seems unreal that 25 years ago in a small living room apartment in Alexandria, VA, Anna Maria Arias was hard at work getting ready to launch LATINA Style magazine. It had been an arduous task as most of the people she consulted with were advising her not to do it. “There’s no need for such a publication,” they told her. “Latina professionals, business owners, college students,Latina leaders, English speakers,are already assimilated. They consume general market media and if they want to know what about the Hispanic community they can go to the Spanish language,” they said. Our task at the time,and to some extent even today,was and is to educate the country that Latinas have successfully functionedin the general market whileretaininga clear cultural identity. It has been a task of love and admiration.

We sadly lost Anna Maria in 2001 but LATINA Style has persevered. From a modest audience of 25,000 we have grown to over 600,000 readers. Our mission of empowering Latinas is stronger than ever. Beginning this April, we will bring you little vignettes of what we have gone throughthe years and what has happened to the Latina leaders we have profiled since then. Send us your memories,we would love to publish themas well.

Our first cover for the magazine featured the three LatinaMembers of Congress at the time. They hosted the launching of the magazine atthe Rayburn building in DC. It was a great event. We will publish photos of the event in subsequent editions, if you were there,let us know!

We are delighted to begin the year by profiling Larisa Martínez, a wonderful Latinaartistwhose angelic voice isbeing recognized allover the world. Follow her at

We would like to announce a very special addition to our staff, Eggy Bard. So many of you have told me about your love for your pet and how important they are to you. This is whywe have decided to give our favorite Eggy a column so he can communicate with his peers. This column will be provided in every issue and on our digital and electronic platform as well. If you are a Latina pet lover and would like to contribute please submit a column to [email protected].

Robert E. Bard