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Publisher’s Message

As we continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary, few things are more memorable than the incredible Latina moms we have met through the years. Doing it all, taking care of the family, the kids, the spouses, the parents, their schools, their jobs, their community, the PTA’s, their churches, they are unstoppable. Is there anything a Latina mom cannot do?

So how have things changed for mothers during the past 25 years? Well, for one thing, more and more mothers have taken jobs outside the home. This has made it even harder for mothers to carry on all the responsibilities they handle. It has been an adjustment for many and they continue to manage the responsibilities no matter how difficult it may be. A few of these extraordinary mothers are profiled in our cover story for this issue. These moms will inspire you and make you realize that you are in good company. To the men who are supporting them, I am sure it has also been an adjustment and I hope that you continue to rise to the occasion as well. To all the moms, have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

On a separate note, we take great pride on producing our LATINA Style 50 Report and presenting the awards to the best companies for Latinas to work for in the United States, the best Employee Resource Groups and the LATINA

Executive of the Year. Our awards conference earlier this year was a huge success and we were delighted to honor

Johnson & Johnson, our Company of the Year, Catherine Hernandez-Blades from Aflac, our Latina Executive of the Year and Accenture’s Hispanic American ERG as the Employee Resource Group of the Year. We would also like to welcome so many new companies to the list. It shows how serious companies are in engaging, hiring, retaining and promoting Latina talent. The survey evaluations for the 2019 Awards are already available online. You can download them from our website at The deadline to submit the survey is May 31st, 2019.

To all the followers of “Eggys Corner” and his Instagram postings on @eggybard,

get ready for his sister Wonder to make her debut in this issue. She is quite a lady and provides great stress relief in our office. Her story will pull your heart strings as she does with all of us. Email her at [email protected] People will “wonder” if she should have her own Instagram as well or share Eggy’s. What do you think?

Lupita Colmenero with son Marcos Suarez and daughter Eileen Suarez

Lupita with Wonder and Eggy.