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The Power of the Podcast.

By Rebecca Aguilar

Have you ever turned on the radio and listened to a talk show host and thought “I can do that?” Today with a microphone, computer, internet and a topic, you can have your own program. In simple terms, it is called a podcast.
A podcast is an online audio or video content that you create, post and share with followers. Anyone can subscribe to your podcast and listen to it whenever they want on their smartphone, computer or tablet.

Rebecca Aguilar is a multiple award-winning journalist and social media leader. Aguilar is also the founder of the largest Latina virtual networking group “Wise Latinas Linked” on Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow her on twitter @RebeccaAguilar

According to one of the first podcasters in the country, Gary Leland of Arlington, Texas, audio podcasts are fantastic for marketing. “They are the easiest content to consume on the planet,” he shares.

Benefits of Having your Own Podcast for Your Business of Brand

Business owners can use a podcast to build their name, reputation and also inform to their target audience or customers. Whether you sell real estate or run a dog walking business, a podcast is where you can sell your expertise.

Leland says “content is king” when you are a podcaster. If you have interesting content, subscribers will keep listening. A podcast can also make you an expert in the eyes of the media who may need to interview someone with your business background.

Produce a Podcast on Your Budget

Podcaster Scott Murray recommends to create an “audience driven program” and to figure out what the focus of the podcast will be from the start. Check free how-to podcast videos at

Podcast Format and Consistent Postings Are Key

If you have the knack for gab, having a solo-host format may be just for you. But it can be a challenge if you are aiming to have a podcast at least 30 minutes long. A talk show format will allow you to have a co-host and interview. It’s much easier to fill time when you have more voices in the conversation.
As a podcaster you must love what you are talking about, because that is what attracts a listener. You must also be able to talk about a topic consistently.

Tools of the Podcast Trade

You can build a studio for your podcast or keep it simple. Here are some basic tools you’ll need to launch your podcast:

  • Buy a podcast microphone that could be around $60-$70
  • Record and edit your audio on for free with Audacity. Mac users can use GarageBand
  • Find production elements like background music you can buy on the internet
  • Use Skype and to record interviews on audio or video. (Murray recommendation)
  • Create a podcast ready RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed that gets podcast to subscribers
  • Find a podcast hosting service.
  • Get your podcast on a podcast directory

Gary Leland from recommends:

  • use your smartphone to record audio podcast with a USB microphone.
  • iPhone users can use the BossJock app to record and edit a podcast on their smartphone.

Leland’s recommendations to learn more about podcasting are:

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