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Sadness to Gladness!

By: Ellen Castro

eagleMy heart sank as I read the facing crisis among Latina Adolescents with depression and suicide in the recent issue of LATINA Style. It wasn’t a shock though considering other statistics I have read which include The Harvard School of Public Health stating that in 2020, the leading cause of death and disability will be heart disease and severe depression. In 1990, it was respiratory infections and diarrheal disease. Another current research states the present generation of children is more troubled than the last generation of children. While Intelligence Quotient is rising, the Emotional Quotient is declining and children are feeling more lonely and depressed, more angry and unruly and more nervous and prone to worry. Dios mio. Oh my God.

There is hope! I promise! I should be a statistic considering depression ran in my DNA. My mom was bi-polar and committed suicide, my dad’s mom committed suicide and my dad was on anti-depressants. By faith and better choices, I went from darkness, sadness and disillusionment to light, joy and happiness! So can you or anyone you know who suffers with sadness and depression.

If the person has a chemical imbalance like I did, supplements or medication can help. I was on medication most of my life to help with my brain chemistry. Since I believe there is a stigma in our culture about anti-depressants, we need to let people know it is okay to be on medication. If diabetics have insulin, why shouldn’t people who have a brain chemical imbalance take medication?

I personally got off anti-depressants over 10 years ago. I did go back on for 6 months as I dealt with the newfound memory that my grandfather had sexually molested me for years as a child. Life happens and I bet each of you have stories. We are more than those stories – we are divine! We are made on purpose for a purpose!

When I fully realized I am divine, I treated myself better which leads to loving me.  Accepting and loving yourself is jet fuel to skyrocketing to blasting through the darkness to the light and true joy!

What helped me make the colossal shift from yukky to joy? I already mentioned that in the beginning I needed medication to get my brain chemistry balanced. As my chemistry was healing,  I began meditating, taking vitamins, exercising, eating right and most importantly, thinking life enhancing thoughts such as “I am divine.” and “I am priceless.” instead of depleting demoralizing thoughts of “not good enough” or “unworthy of love.” By having a healthier life style and changing my thoughts and beliefs, my life changed and I got off medication.

For anyone you know who could use a blast of love – and who doesn’t – here it comes! By reading these words when I am feeling the quicksand of depression, I begin to see the truth again. I am loved! Life is for me!

Enjoy the blast of love and good news!

You are wonderfully made. You are special. You were made on purpose for a purpose. You are not a mistake. You are loved! Your presence is required. Life is for you! It’s all good. Everything is your teacher. There are not failures, only learnings.

Live from your heart and your dreams, not your fears. You were born to succeed. You are created for greatness! You are divine. You matter. You are enough and always were! You have worth simply because you do.

Rest assured that your gene pool, past or environments do not define you – your choices do. Every choice counts. Stop all forms of self-sabotage – of choosing against you. Have faith. You are a masterpiece. The very hairs on your head are counted. You are chosen. There is always something to smile about. Smile more! You are essential. No one holds you hostage but your own thoughts and emotions. Choose greater! Choose love and compassion.

You are lavishly and dearly loved. You are always surrounded by friends. You are never alone. You are priceless. The acceptance and love you always wanted is already here! It is within. Accept it! You are meant for greatness. You are equipped. You are worthy of success. You are unique – your DNA, your fingerprints, your dental records, your voice patterns – you are an original!  It’s all a gift.

Every step is prepared. Blessings are chasing you down. It’s all just tweaking. Allow your life to be fun! There are no brownie points for suffering. Lighten up! You are a miracle. Be kind to yourself. Live and share from your gifts, not your wounds. You’ve played small long enough. Expand!

I promise you are totally unconditionally loved in this moment – every moment. You are a masterpiece! Accept the love you’ve always wanted. Your every thought has power. Change your thoughts, change your world. You are far more powerful than you can imagine!

You are the light. Shine brightly!     

Big huge gigantic hug! And remember, you ARE loved!

EllenCastro_color_2592For more self-love and to be the blessing to yourself and everyone else, Happy in Spite of People, is the solution — coming late August — to help you and yours shine brighter! You can reach me at [email protected],,

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