By Eva Macias.

My third year in business, I was inspired to write a book about personal finance. Why? Because before the recession, my ex-fiancé and I were experiencing turbulence in our relationship over money. However, I kept quiet and just told myself that I needed to work harder and make more money. What I failed to realize was that I was unhappy, I failed to see that I had a choice. You are probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with becoming an author? Well before I met him, I had a six-figure job, I owned a home, I gifted myself a Mercedes SLK 350, and had a FICO score of over 720 and I was under the age of 25, but for my lack of choices, I almost lost it all. Why? Because it wasn’t until I took the time to look within and realize that what I was lacking in my personal finance was a choice to self-love.

Eva Macias, is a leader and sought-after speaker in the financial industry. Eva’s specialty is helping women create a “simple-to-follow” financial plan in 60 minutes or less. Follow her on FB, IG Eva Macias and www.evamacias.com

I also noticed that my parents were living paycheck to paycheck at that time. Their combined retirement income was about $1,100.00. To me that did not make sense. Why? Because they had worked for over 35 years in this country. I became curious on why that had happened to them and also why I was on the verge of losing it all myself. I started taking responsibility to why it was happening to me too. I learned to transform my personal relationship with myself, and in turn my finances around.

The struggle of almost losing it all was my motivation to inspire others to keep putting in the work in order to get the results they want to see in their lives. I feel God chose me to go through these events of almost losing it all in order for me to learn to come out of that mess, so my mess became my message. From then forward, I was inspired to write a book to share with many that often we become overwhelmed with our personal finances. But it’s a matter of choice to choose to take charge of our lives. When I did, I started creating results. A few of the results were: I saved my house, I got my FICO score up again, I opened my own business, I created an online course named Modern Day Money, Increase your NET worth inside and OUT. I then realized I wanted to reach a larger audience and I could do that through a book. So then the inspiration came to write A Latina’s Guide to Money. I believe that life and school experiences do not offer proper financial training to support an individual’s financial goals.

My goal is that through this book women feel inspired to take action and start building a strong understanding of the basics in their finances in order to start living in wealth, prosperity, and financial freedom. I dedicated my life to teaching women, teachers, and working families to visualize a bigger vision than just getting out of financial burdens. I want them to start visualizing that it takes a CHOICE. A choice to create abundance, prosperity and wealth. But more importantly YOU are worthy of having it all! The consistency of that new choice over time will create the abundance and financial freedom you deserve. My goal is that this book will inspire you to live a better life, a life worthy of wealth.

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