Anggie Asencio
B.B.A. Finance and International Business
Recent Graduate 2018
Queens College, CUNY.

Exposure to the arts and other cultures in New York City through my classmates and friends while I attended Art and Design High School allowed me the opportunity to learn about other cultures and made me realize my interest in travelling.

On June 2018, Anggie and 13 summer interns volunteered at the World Food Peace Prize. Anggie had the opportunity to meet the President of the Foundation, Ambassador Quinn (Former U.S. Ambassador of Cambodia).

During my junior year of high school, I was attracted to having an art related career but it changed over time. During those years, I went on a weeklong trip to Italy and France with high school classmates and I was thrilled to be traveling. Once I graduated, I embarked on a new journey in college to pursue a different career path. However, I did not outgrow my creative side.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, I attended Queens College to remain close to my family but also to learn more about my community. I have met classmates with different backgrounds and while we all have different stories to share, our economic background is similar. Curious about the differences yet similarities with each other led me to my career choice: Economics and Finance.

My interest in both majors came from my curiosity in wanting to understand better how people of different economic status make decisions and the different methods of enhancing their monetary status. In addition to Economics and Finance, I added International Business to my studies because I wanted to learn how entrepreneurs use their knowledge of finance and economics to expand their business overseas adapting to a different language and culture.

During my college years, I met individuals whom have been honest with me and made me aware of the initiative I need to take to be the leader I aspire to be. This awareness pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and become active in college and in my community. I attended business and leadership club meetings, interacted with alumni and interned at Queens Community House and the Museum of the Moving Image.

Anggie visits the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. (February 2013).

Anggie with her parents Cristobal and Ana on graduation day. (May 2018).

Interning in non-profits made me feel closer to my community, however, I felt I was not executing my educational skills. I researched online and asked career advisors what would be the best way to pursue an internship where I could use my degree and skills at the same time. In the fall of 2017, I learned about and applied for the HACU National Internship Program for summer 2018. I received news of my acceptance to the program six months after I applied. With this opportunity, I was selected to intern at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Services Agency, in Washington D.C. At first, leaving my family and living in a new city seemed daunting, but my parents supported me in my career ambitions and encouraged me to gain as much work experience as possible.

My experience has been amazing. Learning about international development, food assistance programs, and trade policies, allowed me to create marketing plans for expansion of current projects using my college acquired skills and my creative skills. The experience HACU has allowed me to have has ignited a passion to pursue a master’s degree in international relations.

I look forward to developing new skills and finding my niche in a work setting. I strive to succeed, be siempre humilde (Always humble) and give back to my community. This is my mantra in finding my path. One day, I will provide advice and resources to the new generation of Latinos in finding their niche of happiness.

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