By Gloria Romano-Barrera.

With a rapidly shifting U.S. demographic, more companies are leveraging their workforces to reach diverse customers and communities. One way they are doing this is through their employee resource group (ERG).
Employee resource groups (also known as ERGs, affinity groups, or business network groups) are groups of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. ERGs provide support, enhance career development, and contribute to personal development in the work environment.

Since 2010 LATINA Style has recognized and honored the best Hispanic Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in the country. The Top 20 ERGs listed are selected based on business impact, excellence in corporate leadership, mentorship, and dedication to working with our communities. This recognition also showcases ERGs that are making an impact in career outcomes and overall diversity accomplishments for their respective companies. Overall, employee resource groups are not only good for business—they are essential!

Established in the late 1990s, Accenture’s Hispanic American ERG (HAERG) has a mission to promote cultural awareness in the workplace and give the Hispanic familia a community by which to attract, develop, retain and promote their advancement. The Accenture Hispanic American ERG is comprised of approximately 2,200 members (having grown by 100 more members since 2017).

With a membership geographically aligned with offices in 23 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and extends across North America to include Canada, in the last year, HAERG has grown by four new chapters. States with HAERG chapters include: Arizona, California (3), Florida (2), Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina (2), Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas(5), Washington and the District of Columbia.

Accenture provides the HAERG with governance, sponsorship and funding as part of their overall inclusion and diversity strategic plan. Further, Accenture senior leadership supports the ERG at a national, regional and local level through their own participation at events (internal and external) as well as by taking active roles as executive sponsors, coaches, recruiters and mentors. Members of the ERG are empowered to bring new opportunities and clients to Accenture. ERG membership has ample opportunity through their professional memberships and community involvement to create new connections and opportunities for the company.

Established in 1999 with a current membership of 943 (as of October 1st, 2018), Allstate’s PLAN theme for 2018 is PLAN to Engage. PLAN works to create more opportunities for their members and friends to participate in programs and events that they’ll benefit from personally and professionally. Allstate’s Member Value Proposition is to develop, connect and advance PLAN members and friends by supporting Latino leadership growth and Allstate’s leadership pipeline.

PLAN exists to provide a platform for Latino leadership and talent development acceleration. Allstate strives to support growth opportunities in the Latino market and leverage cultural competencies for business development and strategic partnerships, both internal and external.

Also, PLAN works with the Allstate Foundation to provide its members with opportunities within the communities they serve to give back and create a larger footprint of good. PLAN leadership ensures that Allstate’s business values are embedded into PLAN’s core values, mission and vision. PLAN also collaborates with other ERGs to highlight ways Allstate employees can demonstrate living into these business values in their day-to-day work.

The Latin Diversity Network Employee Business Resource Group (LDN EBRG) was established in 1997 and is comprised of employee members from all areas of the company, local and worldwide locations, who are dedicated to the collective success of the employees of American Airlines and the company.

With a membership of 3000, LDN EBRG encourages their members’ voices to be heard. The LDN EBRG at American Airlines fully commits to a culture of service for and by Latinos, investing their time and energy into the Hispanic communities in which they live and work. Volunteering also provides leadership opportunities for employees. An enduring principle of the Latin Diversity Network EBRG at American is their commitment to contributing to a diverse and successful workforce environment and the resulting impact on the strategic business performance.

The LDN EBRG members are a company resource providing input related to cultural awareness, allowing American Airlines to customize flight segments that meet cultural norms for specific routes. This includes input for onboard menu design, inflight public announcement scripts and cultural protocol generalities in conjunction with American Airlines launch of routes to Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

Established in 1988, HACEMOS has grown to 11,000+ members through 42 chapters in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Its mission is “to foster an environment where people support and encourage each other to succeed professionally, personally and in the community.”

HACEMOS has three primary pillars: Support AT&T objectives; prepare their membership for career advancement opportunities; collaborate to improve the Latino/Hispanic community through scholarships, mentorship and volunteerism.

HACEMOS supports the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through its efforts in the workplace, the marketplace and the community. AT&T recognizes the value and goodwill that HACEMOS provides in furthering the company’s goals, values and interests. With the accelerated growth from a Telecommunications company to an Entertainment and Technology company, HACEMOS stays true to its three core values: Corporation, Employees and Community.

HACEMOS understands Latinos/Hispanics value personal connections, cultural relevance, and relationships. HACEMOS members are well versed promoters of the business solutions AT&T provides to its business customers helping them to mobilize and increase efficiencies of their business transactions. AT&T merged these to create the HACEMOS Small Business Initiative with the purpose of leveraging ERG partnerships in the market place to build customer affinities and loyalty, through direct collaboration with the Business Solution-National Business team.

Established in 2003 with 12,732 members located across 20 U.S. states including a virtual chapter (35 Chapters), HOLA is committed to making Bank of America the best place for Hispanic/Latino employees to work and grow professionally by inspiring and fostering an inclusive environment for all employees in support of the bank’s purpose and strategy.

HOLA strives to make a positive impact to the company’s Business Strategy while strengthening the company brand through community engagement. By partnering with community organizations, Bank of America remains focused on not only creating a great place to work, but an environment where clients, employees and communities around the world can reach their goals and connect with each other. HOLA has consistently provided feedback and has been invited to engage in internal and external diversity initiatives such as testing the mobile app in Spanish and reviewing translated pages of bettermoneyhabits.com.

HOLA’s efforts help Bank of America “Deliver Together” by engaging different lines of businesses in networking opportunities and providing insights to improve the client experience. HOLA encourages collaboration to generate and harness great ideas to better serve our customers, bringing lasting value to our enterprise business strategies. By realizing the power of our people, HOLA recognizes the value that each employee brings with their unique qualities and understands that the best outcomes are achieved when people work together.

Established in 2005, the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (HOLA) Employee Resource Group at Boston Scientific Corporation now serves 700 members globally with 6 chapters across the United States and Latin America. HOLA provides networking, developmental and leadership opportunities to its members for their personal and professional growth, while also contributing to the culture and growth of the organization by celebrating the Hispanic heritage.

HOLA’s global members promote the adoption of Boston Scientific’s core values including caring and diversity. Annually the members coordinate activities to support and improve the communities in which Boston Scientific operates; while helping to drive progress towards the organization’s overall diversity and inclusion goals and strategic priorities. HOLA consistently provides their members a variety of opportunities including volunteering, professional development, recruiting events, networking events and an increased understanding of cultural norms and differences.

Today HOLA serves as a cultural resource, talent pool, professional development opportunity and more to the Boston Scientific organization.

Established in 2016, the purpose of #VAMOS! is to empower and foster the leadership of Hispanics and Latinos at Eaton Corporation and in local communities by leveraging their unique heritage, inclusion and candor. The objective is to encourage a culture that better attracts, empowers, and retains talented Hispanics/Latinos.

#VAMOS! is responsible for supporting improvements in diversity, and impacting the company pillars of I&D:

  • Attract, retain and advance great talent
  • Enable employees to fully contribute their unique skills to achieve highest potential
  • Accelerate the process of becoming a global enterprise
  • Cultivate different perspectives and ways of thinking

Through Community Outreach programs, its +1,000 members (in 31 States) conduct School & Toy Supply Drives to support the United Way and local schools. #VAMOS! also supports the inclusion and diversity programs of universities like Georgia Tech and Ohio State as well as organizations like SHPE and Prospanica by participating in their job fairs, diversity events and Conventions. During Hurricane Maria, it organized a Employees Relief Campaign which donate supplies to affected people in Puerto Rico.

Eaton is a power management company with 2017 sales of $20.4B that provides energy-efficient solutions that help manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power. Eaton has 96,000 employees and sales in 175 countries.

Founded 1992 as an affinity group focused on creating a community for Latino employees, Latinos for Engagement, Advancement, and Development (LEAD) is a grassroots-driven Business Resource Group (BRG) that promotes awareness of Latino culture and contributions, provides opportunities for employee development, facilitates employee engagement in our business, supports effective networking, and participates in community outreach activities.

LEAD’s mission is to serve as a resource for employees, supporting members to achieve their full potential, driving awareness of Latino’s contributions, and supporting Southern California Edison’s (SCE) business objectives.

LEAD continues to evolve and expand the activities and resources it provides to employees. Over the last few years, LEAD has been focused on its transformation into a BRG focusing and creating value for the company in the areas of Culture, Commerce, Careers, and Community.

This endeavor has increasingly become recognized across SCE, as LEAD was the first Employee Resource Group at SCE to focus on expanding BRG value for employees and the company, by leading activities which support business objectives and diversity initiatives. By forming strategic partnerships across the company, expanding the scope of membership, and re-tooling event programing, LEAD has demonstrated increased effectiveness and value to their stakeholders.

Latinos make up 33 percent of SCE’s workforce and 46 percent of SCE customers. Given these numbers, LEAD has a unique role to play in partnering with the company on internal and external strategic initiatives and in expanding its membership to include Latino employees from across the company.

The mission of Organization of Latinos at Exelon (OLE) is to assist Exelon and its operating companies in achieving strategic business goals, including diversity and inclusion; fostering employee development; and maintaining a strong presence in the Latino community by utilizing the talent of OLE member employees.

Active since 2014, OLE seeks to support diversity and inclusion and serve as a resource to the corporation and its employees. OLE is integral to the companies’ diversity and inclusion strategy, as it strengthens employee links, raises awareness, shares knowledge, provides perspectives, promote personal growth and serve as a forum for education, communication and professional development.

Exolon promotes the ERG work through internal and external communication. OLE members are also are involved with company initiatives such as hiring a diverse workforce and how to market to the Hispanic community.

Ole supports Puerto Rico relief efforts and has also demonstrated its commitment to the greater Baltimore area, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston and recently with a new chapter in Washington, DC, through scholarships, community service projects, supporting local nonprofits, leveraging partnerships with Hispanic businesses and chambers of commerce and showcasing the rich and vibrant Hispanic culture through internal employee activities.

Established more than 20 years ago, Fannie Mae’s Hispanic ERG’s mission is to increase cultural awareness within the organization and to provide its members with professional development opportunities. Through various partnerships, the Hispanic ERG furthers the company’s volunteerism efforts and presence in the Hispanic community.

The Hispanic ERG effectively raises awareness and highlights the diversity of Hispanic culture to company employees. The ERG plays a central role in helping the company live its corporate values, especially the stated values to “Value our People and Our Communities” and to work as “One Fannie Mae.” By exposing the entire employee population to the Hispanic culture through a variety of events and activities, the ERG helps Fannie Mae further its diversity and inclusion objectives. The ERG also exposes students to financial services and technology, and provides a forum for a pipeline of college students, college graduates, and young professionals to interact with Fannie Mae leaders and recruiters.

Fannie Mae also encourages a collaborative and inclusive organizational culture, one that is aimed at welcoming, empowering, and engaging all employees. Its 12 employee-initiated, employee-led ERGs, including the Hispanic ERG, provide important peer support to foster that culture, and help the company identify potential issues that could hinder inclusion.

Founded in 1999, with a membership today of over 2,200 Latinos, GM’s Latino Network Employee Resource Group operates in five U.S. States with 13 chapters, serving GM and the Latino community by attracting, engaging, and developing Latino employees in support of GM’s strategic priorities.

The Latino Network serves the company by contributing a Latino voice to business initiatives, supporting recruiting activities, and promoting the growth of its Latino professionals. The Latino Network is a member of GM’s Global Diversity Council and has been sourced for feedback on GM policies, advertising, sales environments, and stances on national issues – in 2018, that input impacted GM’s statements on DACA, improvement of the in-store dealer experience for Latino customers; and call center satisfaction for Spanish-speaking customers.

General Motors leverages the ERG teams to: Gain insight into marketing to the Latino community; Improve in-store dealer experience for Latino customers; and, Improve call center satisfaction for Spanish-speaking customers.

GM’s Latino Network Core Value is “GM Latinos put the customer at the center of everything we do.” ERG members act as GM ambassadors within their circle of influence. Safety and Quality are foundational commitments, never compromised.

Established in 2015 with 150 members, the mission of Hyatt Hotels Corporate employee resource group, Latinos at Hyatt, is to provide a pipeline for talent and leadership goals for Latinas and Latinos at Hyatt.

The role of Latinos@Hyatt is to not only provide a voice to employees at Hyatt but also continue to develop and grow Latino talent for the future. Latinos@Hyatt provides yearly development opportunities to its members in the form of leadership opportunities and development workshops. Employees span a range of areas within the organization and this allows for opportunity to learn more for future career moves and interests. Latinos@Hyatt also collaborates and provides other resource groups and colleagues the opportunity to participate in events to learn more about the diverse Latino cultures and initiatives that are comprised of the group.

Latinos@Hyatt in addition to their peers in the Diversity Business Resource Groups (DBRGs) serve as a resource to both leaders and colleagues to learn and cultivate a safe environment for all walks of life. Leadership works closely with learning and developing talent by understanding the needs of each culture, creed, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Johnson & Johnson’s employee resource group – Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (HOLA) – was established in 2001. Its mission is to facilitate new and emerging opportunities for its members, the community and Johnson & Johnson by embracing Hispanic/Latino culture.

HOLA leverages the Johnson & Johnson Credo as a guiding document when drafting and conducting strategies to address Talent Development, Community Outreach, Business Growth, and Culture, tying results to business objectives and back to J&J’s Credo.

This is accomplished by driving business results through initiatives connected to diverse and underserved communities; creating inclusive, synergistic work environments; and recruiting, retaining, developing and advancing Hispanic and Latino leaders. HOLA also implements and supports programs that contribute to the eradication of health care disparities, promoting health and wellness in Hispanic/Latino communities while creating opportunities for business growth.

HOLA, like Johnson & Johnson’s other ERGs, plays a key role in driving diversity and inclusion within the company. This includes panel discussions regarding diversity, providing insights and counsel for multicultural marketing, energizing supplier diversity and supporting talent development.

In addition, HOLA works very closely with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Human Resources to ensure their strategic initiatives are aligned with J&J’s business imperatives.

The JPMorgan Chase employee resource group Adelante was established more than 10 years ago with over 13,000 members and its mission is to connect and promote recruitment, leadership and development of Latino/Hispanic employees at all levels; while fostering cultural awareness, supporting local communities and positively impacting how the Firm achieves its strategic priorities.

Adelante provides its members with opportunities to increase their professional networks, meet mentors, learn about hiring opportunities, attend events with senior management, volunteer in community events and improve leadership and communication skills. This year alone, Adelante has hosted over 170 events throughout the USA, UK, Brazil, and Chile where senior managers shared career guidance, and encouraged career development.

Adelante’s mission and events are strategically aligned with the firm’s business goals and its talent and diversity strategy and priorities and all activities align around the four pillars: Career, Culture, Community, and Commerce. Adelante’s pillars in turn align with the firm’s business principles of exceptional client service, operational excellence, a commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility and a great team and winning culture.

The Kaiser Permanente Latinx Association (KPLA) is aligned with Kaiser Permanente’s mission of providing high quality, affordable health care. Kaiser Permanente strives to promote accessibility, health equity, and culturally responsive care for their members and the diverse communities they serve. Kaiser Permanente is committed to attract, inspire, and support their Latinx workforce to achieve their full potential at all levels in the organization to enhance their ability for shared success.

Established in 1991, with over 3,500 members across the company, KPLA is a driving force enhancing the quality of Kaiser Permanente’s health care to Latinxs and the company’s multicultural membership. Through its leadership, expertise & caring professionalism, KPLA makes its members proud to be part of the Kaiser Permanente community.

KPLA focuses on reducing health and workforce disparities, membership engagement and community health. This is achieved through community partnerships, cross-collaboration with other employee resource groups, as well as organizational collaboration within Kaiser Permanente.

Established in 2014 and with over 300 members in California, Nebraska, Washington D.C., Illinois and New York, Hispanics of LinkedIn Alliance (HOLA)’s mission is to unite LinkedIn employees and the Latino community to increase access to opportunity.

HOLA helps amplify the voice of underrepresented groups and provide a space and culture of belonging for Latinos and Latinas at LinkedIn. Annually, the team meets with LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, to discuss issues facing the communities of ERGs. Additionally, HOLA maintains an open dialogue with the Talent Acquisition team around fostering an inclusive workplace for representation.

LinkedIn is constantly leveraging their ERGs for feedback on products. They also partner with ERGs for new initiatives, such as their Open Mic Nights for talent acquisition, and contribute early user research on key products that center around diversity.
HOLA’s mission statement aligns with that of LinkedIn, which is to connect the world’s professionals in order to make them more productive and successful. Through the lens of access to opportunity, HOLA strives to maintain the same values as LinkedIn: Members First, Relationships Matter, Being Open Honest and Constructive, Getting Things Done, Acting Like an Owner and Taking Intelligent Risks.

Throughout the year, many ERG members are actively engaged with LinkedIn consumers through profile optimization events in key markets around the country.

Established in 2006, the mission of Nationwide’s ERG, National Latino Alliance (NLA), is to attract, develop, promote, and retain Latino talent, and foster a culture of inclusion and diversity of thought to help drive business outcomes. NLA strategic objectives are:

  • Workplace – Foster member engagement and collaboration.
  • Workforce – Nurture professional development.
  • Marketplace – Drive community engagement and impact.
  • Business Impact – Deliver business value.

NLA provides its members opportunities to network with leadership and with each other, develop leadership skills, volunteering opportunities in their communities, and access to internal corporate functions and external events.

NLA Serves as a hub for new Latino/a associates. New associates can leverage the NLA network to find local resources.

NLA local chapters are very involved in their communities, providing leadership and volunteers for a wide range of Latino programs and events. NLA is particularly focused on making an impact with Hispanic youth, volunteering heavily with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and coordinating events for youth including bringing them to visit Nationwide campuses.

In addition, NLA collaborates closely with Nationwide Talent Acquisition to support recruitment of Latino talent in all communities where Nationwide has a workforce presence. NLA is also involved in informing and developing Nationwide’s Hispanic consumer Go-to-market strategy.

Enlace, Sprint’s Hispanic employee resource group, was founded in 1994 with the mission of “creating an environment that fosters the development of our employees, drives understanding and awareness of the Hispanic culture; and contributes to the business success of Sprint, as well as our diversity and inclusion goals.”

Sprint gives its 777 Enlace members first access to different diversity programs inside and outside the company, such as events, workshops, and professional development activities at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Guadalupe Center and other Hispanic-focused entities.

Enlace members have the support of managers and supervisors who see the importance of employee involvement in ERGs, and making it part of their annual Individual Development Plan.

Enlace has been instrumental in providing direct feedback from employees and their families during the creative process for new national campaigns and promotions. Through Enlace, Sprint has connected with potential partners in the community, which has helped organize sales and marketing events that allow them to generate leads for the SMB business. Enlace also helps the company find influencers to expand their consumer message in social and other media.

Enlace leadership is a living example of Sprint’s core values. The team treats everyone with respect, is motivated to excel in everything they do, and has the focus to deliver results that are tangible and measurable.

The goal of Under Armour’s employee resource group, Latino Alliance, is to create an inclusive environment in which Latinos can flourish internally while helping Under Armour effectively engage their communities externally. Latino Alliance is 1 of 10 Employee Resource Groups at Under Armour.

Under Armour’s global headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices in the United States and around the globe. Latino Alliance has played a significant role in furthering the diversity and inclusion strategy at Under Armour by participating in various recruiting events, engaging with leaders, networking with other employees, offering development related workshops, sharing their culture through various events and offering consumer insights that help shape Under Armour product. Latino Alliance has served the surrounding Baltimore community in many ways, including regularly partnering with a local school to provide translation services between teachers and parents. Latino Alliance is a founding member of the Baltimore chapter of a Latino Professional Development organization. Latino Alliance was also an active participant in the first Hispanic Resource Group Baltimore Summit.

Every year, Latino Alliance spends time planning for the year ahead, thinking through their goals, and how they align with Under Armour’s overall business strategy. Latino Alliance strives to add business value to the company. The executive leaders in Latino Alliance serve as advocates and a voice for the Employee Resource Group and help to connect the company with the community and potential customers.

Established in 2009, with 40 chapters across 30 States and the District of Columbia, the vision of Wells Fargo’s employee resource group, Latin Connection, is to empower the next generation of Wells Fargo Hispanic and inclusive leaders. ERG members are able to join national initiatives that provide experiences for self-development and growth.

Latin Connection’s mission is to, “Rebuild trust in the Latino and/or ethnically-diverse communities across customers and team members; Engage and develop the company’s Latin Connection members through renovated experiences to evolve with organizational change, and strengthen Latin Connection Enterprise Leadership Team’s operational efficiency and leadership agility for continued development of talent.”

ERG members are connected with resources, tools, education, and support for self-development and professional development. Additionally, Latin Connection also acts as a conduit helping ERG members expand their network by connecting them to other lines of business.

Latin Connection celebrates diversity and inclusion by promoting education and Hispanic cultural awareness with this as the key focus.

Latin Connection lives up to the company’s vision, values and goals by providing a richly diverse and comprehensively inclusive environment. This is accomplished by delivering programs that foster and focus on professional career and development opportunities, service to communities via volunteering and leadership on various non-profit boards, and supporting business objectives to serve their customers.

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