Entrepreneurs messages about COVID-19

Leading through a Pandemic


By Carmela Castellano-Garcia, President and CEO of the California Primary Care Association (CPCA)

I have been President and CEO of the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) for 23 of its 26-year history as the leading voice for California’s 1,300 community clinics and health centers. When COVID-19 hit California, it tested many things about our organization, including our ability to be nimble, member-responsive, and outcome-driven during an unprecedented public health and economic catastrophe.

Small Businesses Overcoming COVID-19 by Helping Local Communities


By Maritza Huerta, The Twins Public Relations
As the result of COVID-19, it is no longer business as usual for the millions of small businesses across the country. According to a new poll by the Small Business Majority, 9 in 10 small businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. The poll found that 41% of small business owners have experienced a revenue decrease of 50% or more, and 33% of small businesses have closed up shop. Even with these staggering numbers, the small business community is showing incredible resilience, developing innovative solutions to move their businesses forward and finding opportunities to help others.

Leading During Challenging Times


By Veronica Cool, President/CEO of Cool & Associates LLC
Masks, toilet paper shortages, distance learning, Zoom meetings (in your PJs!) – in a short span of days the world as we knew it has evolved to a self-contained microcosm of digital interactions. Everything has changed, but here are some best practices we’re executing to weather this storm.
MONEY AND FINANCES – In 2014, I established my consulting firm, and after a 20-year career in banking, I can’t take the banker out of the Latina. Meaning, we’ve avoided debt and managed our operations in a fiscally conservative fashion. But we’ve already lost revenues, projects have been delayed and realistically, some clients will be slow in paying our invoices. And the long-term impact may be worse.

By Nina Vaca, Chairman & CEO
Pinnacle Group

It is in difficult times you really see the true measure of someone’s character. This is especially true of business leaders. In moments like these, executives and especially CEOs have the opportunity to show courageous leadership that sets the path forward for others.

As Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, this is something I’m keeping top of mind each and every day. From how I guide our executive team, to communicating transparently with our associates, to maintaining relationships with our customers, leadership matters. Now more than ever as we have moved into this unprecedented global pandemic.