By Alex Gorsky, Chief Executive Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Making room for true diversity of people and ways of thinking isn’t just the right thing to do; it makes our companies stronger, and it improves our day-to-day experiences at work.

It’s also how companies can thrive in today’s global economy. Jacqueline Maestri, our Vice President, Engineering and Property Services (and one of our highest-ranked Latinas, whose incredible profile you can read in this month’s issue of LATINA Style) puts it perfectly when she says there’s no way you can find solutions for humanity when you’re only representing or incorporating one group’s perspective.

Those of us in the private sector who embed diversity and inclusion into the very fabric of our company DNA accept the responsibility that comes with leading the way: We must challenge other companies, organizations and institutions to commit to building more inclusive and representative workplaces and communities.

At Johnson & Johnson, that’s how we’ve done business for 132 years.

We’re honored to be named LATINA Style‘s Company of the Year. It’s a profound recognition of how diversity and inclusion informs every aspect of our business practices, from management to factory floor to supply chains. And we’re enormously proud to have our 100-year commitment to Hispanic diversity in our workforce and in our business decisions recognized by such a distinguished publication.

Since its founding in 2001, our Hispanic professionals employee resource group, HOLA, has expanded to 33 chapters globally and 1,050 employees. The work they do is invaluable in contributing to our growth: from an advisory council that provides our businesses and brands with counsel on how best to reach Hispanic audiences to creating groups to improve supplier diversity. We’re also committed to creating more leadership opportunities for our Hispanic employees through mentoring and recruitment. HOLA was the recipient of LATINA Style‘s Top ERG honor in 2017.

And yet we’re always striving to make those commitments more robust. We believe that a richer, more prosperous and more progressive future for all depends on creating inclusive and welcoming opportunities where everyone can perform their best. It’s why we ensure that we’re not just implementing innovative new programs, but holding ourselves accountable by continuously measuring their impact and infusing diversity and inclusion into the business goals for all our divisions.

Receiving this honor from LATINA Style is a wonderful recognition of all we’re doing for employees, but we’re far from satisfied. We know that the work of building a brighter, more inclusive future for all is continuous, and involves the combined work of companies across industries and organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Driving forward that change happens when we work together in partnership, like our ongoing work with the CEOs of the Business Roundtable to spotlight and support diversity and inclusion programs.

For us at Johnson & Johnson, our biggest hope is that we can lead by example and show others the immense need, and even greater opportunity, of creating the workplaces that welcome and empower all.

We ask others to join us in creating that shared future.

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