(L-R): Executive Vice President of Product Support and Chief Quality Officer for Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) Chris Nielsen, and Rosa Santana. October 19, 2018 @ Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas. Toyota’s 15th Anniversary at TMMTX.


It is our great pleasure to profile Ms. Rosa Santana and her daughters Lisa Navarro-Gonzales and Nicole Navarro-Velesiotis in this edition of LATINA Style. This incredible Latina team has already accomplished what is truly a groundbreaking achievement in business success.

Becoming a tier one supplier for a major corporation is incredibly difficult but Rosa found the way to make it. It took unwavering commitment, preparation and vision. Finding the right mentor and the right corporation willing to work with her was a key to her success. Toyota takes the kudos for their training program for new diverse suppliers, “the Toyota Opportunity Exchange,” a program Rosa attended for 13 years shows that partnerships can really work. Learn Rosa’s path to success. We congratulate her and Toyota for their commitment.

Hispanic Heritage Month set a record this year for the number of celebrations around the country over- shadow D.C. in number of participants and corporation’s engagement. A sign of the times, our community continues to grow in numbers and importance.

By the time you receive this issue our country would be, we hope, taking a break of the midterm elections. The tone and virulence of the campaign speeches, commercials and guest spots on television and radio have surpassed anything I have previously witness. How Latinas and Latinos fared in this election will set the bar for what will be coming our way during the 2020 election. We will hopefully, get a respite from the avalanche of propaganda and smear that seems so prevalent today. Ruben Navarrette one of our most respected columnists and leaders in our community gives us a taste of what happened and what is to come in our His View column.

We were honored this past September 5th and 6th to recognize our Latina members of the Armed Services at our National LATINA Symposium in Washington, D.C. It is always an inspiring conference. We get to highlight Latina excellence in all branches of the military. We were also able to recognize Lt. Col. Olga Custodio, the first Latina fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

For the first time we added a special recognition to the top Corporate Veteran ERG’s in the nation. Our upcoming December issue will give full coverage of the conference, make sure you get your copy. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving family reunion. Now you can start your Christmas shopping. Saludos everyone.

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