My Bucket List.

The Great Pyramid – Built by Pharaoh Khufu – Eight Wonder of the World.

In this issue we are proud to profile a number of Latinas who are breaking barriers in very different fields. We congratulate Desiree Dávila Linden on becoming the first American woman and Latina to win the Boston Marathon, one of the most prestigious races in the world. Beating world class competition, she crossed the line first without even showing that she was at her limit. As Latinas continue to excel in all kinds of endeavor, Desiree has become a shining example that nothing is beyond their reach. We look forward to continue to follow her career and wish her great success.

On a different tone we are pleased to follow the career of Alejandra Ceja and her passion for community service. Her new job leading the Panasonic Foundation will allow to make a huge impact on our children’s lives.

We are also introducing you to Cecilia Abbott, the First Lady of Texas and first Latina to hold that position. As a former teacher she has hands-on knowledge of the many challenges faced by our schools in Texas. She is a strong advocate for education causes and understands the need to provide equal education to all children, no matter their background.

Our journey continues to the Great Sphinx. Guarding the Pyramids for all time.

On a personal note, I hope you enjoy what will be a series of articles we will be producing on achieving the goal of clearing your Bucket List. For me I just begun on my journey and traveling to the magical land of Ancient Egypt was my start.
My list, has until know, been collecting dust for I do not know how many years. I have added plenty throughout the years but not one crossed out item. My wife Lupita Colmenero made sure I crossed off the first item on the list when for my birthday she announced we were on our way to Egypt. You can read about the first leg of my journey on our world travel story.

Do you have a bucket list? Have you crossed out any items on the list yet? Let us know, we would love to know how you felt when you accomplished some of your bucket list items. For me, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Robert E. Bard

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