We are proud to present you with our 2017 LATINA Style 50 Report. Furthermore it is our pleasure to announce that Prudential Financial, Inc. has been selected as our Company of the Year. When we launched the LATINA Style 50 program in 1998 few in our community were focusing their attention on issues of corporate diversity and inclusion. And there was no focus yet on the Hispanic professional working woman. The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR), founded in 1986, was one organization that was monitoring Hispanic employment issues as part of their mission and their help was instrumental in the design of our survey. We also received assistance of leading organizations that represented the interests of women and Hispanics in the workplace, especially Catalyst and Working Mother Media, to make sure we were creating the program correctly.

Finally, we were able to engage the White House in our effort. Mr. Moe Vela a prominent attorney and a special assistant to the Second Lady was a key ally in making this happen. As you can imagine securing the participation of corporations that were willing to share confidential information with us was a great challenge. The White House endorsement especially that of Mrs. Tipper Gore, Vice President’s Gore spouse, was one of the key factors why the corporations responded. Not only she encouraged our program but she hosted the awards reception at the Vice-President’s residence in Washington, D.C. It was one of the highlights of the season.

Now 20 years later the program is stronger than ever, diversity and inclusion is on everyone’s agenda and the number of companies participating makes the selection of the Company of the Year an even more complicated endeavor requiring the evaluation of hundreds of variables. For the past few years we have added a veteran’s component to the survey. You will be able to learn a lot about our veteran program, the National LATINA Symposium, on September 14 & 15 when the conference takes place in Washington, D.C.

This year’s LATINA Style 50 Company of the Year winner is no stranger to the process. They have been participating since the launch of the program in 1998. Always ranking at the very top, it was no surprise that this year they were able to reach the very top. With a strong internal support structure including an active Employee Resource Group, a Women’s Task Force, a Mentoring and a Fast Track program, continuing education reimbursements, Leadership Training program, bonus programs, and all around support, its employees are equipped with all the tools they need to succeed. Prudential Financial Inc. cares about the financial wellbeing of their work force and ensures Latina success. We congratulate them on their unwavering commitment to empowering their workforce and for Latinas looking for a place to start or upgrade your employment status this is truly a place where your career will flourish.

Robert E. Bard

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