Meet Your Hosts

Robert Bard - CEO

Robert E. Bard is the president and CEO of LATINA Style Inc., a position he assumed in October 2001, after the untimely passing of his spouse and business partner, Anna Maria Arias, founder, editor & publisher of LATINA Style Magazine. Click Robert's image to read more ...

Dr. Betty™ Uribe - CEO

For over two and a half decades Dr. Betty™ has been transforming business, culture, and people, making her an award-winning business turnaround expert. She blends academic models with her own experience, strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors to impact change.
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Meet The Speakers

Dr. Erika Gonzalez

CEO / President


South Texas Allergy

Dr. Mark Goulston

Keynote Speaker

Business Coach

Dr. Johanna Rengifo



Alice Rodriguez

Managing Director

Consumer Bank Senior Advisor

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Teresa Razo

Motivational Speaker