By Gloria Romano-Barrera.

Born and raised in Bolivia, Silvana Quiroz, Director, Editor in Chief, Host and Producer of Zoom Latino, LLC, began her career at an early age in her native Bolivia and later emigrated to the United States. Today the Emmy-award winner and mother of two directs her own news organization, Zoom Latino. This year, Zoom Latino became the first Spanish digital platform in the D.C. area to win an Emmy award.

Proud of her roots, Quiroz believes her grandmother and mother’s determination led her to be the person she is today. “My grandma went from farmer to business owner, my mother was a kindergarten teacher and after years of hard work became the CEO of a big lumber company,” Quiroz shares. “They always told me to persevere and believe in myself, that hard work pays double when you have an intention and to never forget where I came from.”

As for journalism, she credits her art teacher as a big influence on her decision in becoming a journalist. “I remember one time when he gave me a booklet about journalism and walked me through the process of signing up for classes via mail. I started reading and writing stories,” she shares. “He also taught me to read as an anchor and I used to record my voice while reading to check my intonation pretending I was reading the news. Looking back, I am very grateful for having professor Amadeo as a mentor, because he was an important support and amazing teacher that went the extra mile.”

In 2004, Silvana worked as a reporter for Telemundo. Later on, she joined the morning team of WILC 900. In 2011, she was hired as a reporter for the local news at Univision. In 2016, she was promoted to National Political Correspondent and Producer of the show “Perspectiva Nacional”.

Quiroz went from a full-time employee at Univision to becoming the owner of her own business. As many small business owners, she was afraid of stepping outside her comfort zone but she decided to take the leap regardless of her fear. “I saw many of my coworkers being let go from the company and I got to the point of thinking when I was going to be the next one,” she shares. “I worked hard, never had complains. One day I decided to resign and start Zoom Latino LLC, a digital media company that creates content, news and programing. I was doing the same work I was doing before but this time it was for me.”

Today as the Director and Owner of Zoom Latino LLC, Quiroz creates and oversees the content for the different digital platforms. She is also the producer and host of “Silvana Quiroz Presenta”, an informative magazine created for the Latino community in the Washington D.C. area.

Passionate about her work and thankful of the opportunities she has had in the U.S., Quiroz, is also appreciative to the individuals that have guided her. This year, she became the first Bolivian to receive an Emmy, which she considers to be her biggest achievement thus far.

“I believe that no matter what you do, what is your job or career, you have to do what you do with an intention,” she states. “I always say that if you have the chance to change someone else’s life through your work, you have done your job.”

She is currently working on “Dreamer Mom”, a documentary about the impact that immigration has on mothers throughout the country and how the family separation has changed many families, including her own.

Her advice for Latinas is to never give up and believe in yourself. “Everything is possible if you work hard, persevere and trust in your talent,” she states. “I am a Latina mother that decided to be a journalist here in the United States even though some people told me to forget about my career when I came to this country 15 years ago.”

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