By Rebecca Aguilar.

How often do you stop to read a post on Facebook or Instagram because an image got your attention? Humans are visual people and that is why social media images should be one of your priorities when trying to establish your business or brand.

An image is a snapshot of your brand or company. A couple of words (text) on an image can say more than one paragraph in a post. Images with text can bring life to the social media party. They can be powerful, educational, informative, compelling or funny.

Images often spark an emotion that makes it memorable. How often have you watched a movie that makes you cry or laugh and you never forget it? That is what an image on social media can do.

A funny image often called a “meme” can go viral and reach millions. If you plan to create a meme make sure it is funny and clever, not one that can reflect badly on your company or brand.

The goal is to get more friends and followers share and retweet your images. This can turn into more eyes on your brand or company

Get into the habit of using images for every post. Images are a must on Instagram and Pinterest and they also work well on LinkedIn.
Find a good quality image to use and decide if you plan to use text on it. If adding text with an image or photo, make sure the text does not create clutter and make the image look too busy.

    1. Use good quality images (photos). Photos should not look blurry or grainy.
    2. If you plan to add text to the image, play with different types of fonts. Also, fewer words are better. Use large bold fonts in white or black colors. Experiment with different fonts and text.

    1. Images should fit your social media platform. Here are a few measurements:
      • Facebook banner – 851 px x 315 px
      • Facebook profile picture – 180 px x 180 px
      • Twitter header/banner – 1500 px x 500 px
      • Twitter profile photo – 400 px x 400 px
      • Twitter image posts – 506 px x 253 px
      • LinkedIn Background image – 1584 px x 396 px
      • Instagram image post – 1080 px x 1080px
    2. Images should match your brand or company message. Choose an image that has a connection to your brand or company. If you can, avoid using free generic images that other brands will probably use. Take your own photos or buy quality ones.

  1. Use a hashtag in the image that will be posted on Twitter and Instagram. One of the best ways to have your hashtag stand out is to put it on the image. Make sure the image is not very busy, because you want the hashtag to stand out.
  2. Don’t forget to tag your image if there is a reason for it. Tag people who would care about your brand and company when you post a new image. The tagged image will appear in their news feed. Be selective. You don’t want to spam friends and followers.

Before you post, experiment with different images, fonts and messages. It doesn’t hurt to show them to co-workers or friends to make sure the message you’re trying to convey is right on target.

Rebecca Aguilar is a multiple award-winning journalist and social media leader. Aguilar is also the founder of the largest Latina virtual networking group “Wise Latinas Linked” on Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow her on twitter @RebeccaAguilar

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