People have always looked at the sky, and since the Stone Age learned to read and understand how stars influence their lives. Man always believes that fate depends on the distance of the position of the stars in the sky.
Astrology is an old science that taught to read the fate of the stars. Astrology is a kind of pseudoscience. In ancient times, he considered how the heavenly bodies are located in the sky, this all affects the lives of people and events.
No scientist could explain the physical significance of astrology. Many scientists ridiculed astrology as a science. They did not consider astrology to be science.
In ancient times, astrologers read predictions from the stars. Many works of writers and artists are associated with stars.
Each religion had its own attitude to astrology:
In Judaism, there was a contradictory attitude to astrology; Jews did not believe the predictions of stars and horoscopes. Although, Abraham Ibn-Ezra was the theorist of astrology, and Rambam was categorical in relation to astrology.
Catholics condemned the predictions of the stars. Many theologians believed that astrology offends the Bible. And Blessed Augustine believed that horoscopes sometimes coincide with reality. So in relation to astrology there were a lot of contradictions. Although in Christianity on races they understood her phenomena, but the signs that the stars showed them.
In Islam, witchcraft and witchcraft were considered a terrible and incorrigible sin. And astrology was considered one of the types of witchcraft. Muslims did not believe witchcraft and predictions. They believed that there should not be any predictions, what should be avoided. Allah does not accept the prayers of a person who reads and believes in horoscopes.
Astrology in Hinduism is a part of science and their philosophy. She was part of their religion and medicine. There are altars of nine planets in Indian temples. They considered them servants of God. And they worshiped them. They believed that they fulfill their desires.
Buddhism and Hinduism are based on laws, this is karma. Astrology is a correction of human destiny.
Horoscopes are a schematic representation of the starry sky, each person has his own star chart. The horoscope takes everything into account. The arrangement of stars and planets. The distance between them. Their location in relation to the horizon. Point of space and time.
Astrology has several sections:
- natal astrology - predictions of fate by date of birth;
- predictive astrology - astrology of events in human life;
- Horary astrology - searching for answers to the questions posed;
- Mundane astrology - predictions of the development of events between countries and nations, etc .;
- business astrology - predictions for a person and the fate of his business, so there are a lot of them. Choose any. продажа казино