An auto clicker is an automated type of macro or software that automatically clicks a button on a user-selected computer element when the mouse is moved over it. Auto Clicker is automatically activated from random current conditions or triggered manually to repeat previously recorded input. They also allow for a fine-tuned control of multiple devices. Clickers were first developed and widely used in the military mouse’s motion but are now available to the public for use in various industries, including training, and can also be used as a form of animal bait.

Auto Clicker

Basic Principle of an Auto Clicker 

The basic principle of an auto clicker is that it will track the mouse’s motion and sound an audible beep when the mouse is clicked. It is usually activated by clicking on it with the mouse or moving the pointer on the screen with the mouse. The main window of the auto clicker program displays a red "X" and a number. When the user clicks the designated number, the corresponding sound device will play. A click will indicate the event that occurred, whether it was a single click, a double click, or a multi-click.

Using an auto clicker in a training environment allows for a controlled environment, but it's still relatively easy to accidentally activate it. This is why some systems require a clicker installation with a pre-determined setup point. The setup point is simply a predetermined point on your software’s main menu or utility area that you want to auto-click. The benefit of using this setup point is that you can ensure that your new training system is appropriately set up before ever using it. If it's not, the user will have to do it themselves, which can become quite frustrating.

Different initiation systems of auto clicker

Some commonly used auto clicker setups are discussed below. Some of the auto clickers can be typical to use sometimes due to how they initiate the clicking actions. 

  • The most common is known as the "ring-around-the-mouse" technique. In this setup, you place the mouse within the auto clicker's range of movement, then click the ring around it once it gets as close as possible to the clicked position. The issue with this setup is that the click event does not occur until the mouse reaches the circle’s edge. This causes the clicking action to appear on and over again until the user tires of the hotkey.
  • Another commonly used setup involves using an auto clicker that requires two clicks to start the process. You place the mouse within the range of the desired action, then click the ring around it twice (the second click should come just after the first click), followed by a pause. After the pause, you repeat the process. This setup is effective because it makes it easier to identify when the user has reached the desired action (in this case, a closing gesture).
  • The last popular auto clicker setup uses a Mac-style hotkey. Similar to the ring around the mouse, this setup requires two clicks for the process to start. The mouse is placed within a very narrow range of the desired action, and a circle is placed beneath it. When the mouse reaches the centre of the circle, it triggers the clicking action, followed by the display message indicating that a macro has been triggered. The only downside to this setup is that it can easily be mistaken for a bait and switch since the user will be led to click a macro that doesn't exist.

How can one use an auto clicker?

Auto clicker is an invaluable part of any computer-based task. With clickers, you can eliminate or section out various tasks, allowing you to spend more time focusing on more important ones. Clickers have also proven helpful for training purposes since you can instruct your computer to perform a certain task whenever a particular command is typed. For example, you can instruct your computer to click a particular video during computer use. This makes for an easy to use training feature, which can be very helpful in situations where you need to train a machine to act in a specific way.

Auto clicker is a great way to get the most out of any computer, whether for personal use or as part of an advanced computer training device. With this handy device, you can eliminate wasted time and effort when clicking, speeding up productivity and cutting down on frustration. 


These devices are ideal for both new and experienced gamers since they make clicking easier and less stressful. Most computers that come with an auto clicker have two speeds, making it easier to limit how often the clicking action should happen. This is especially useful for gamers who continuously click the mouse buttons while playing their games.